Over the course of the last few months, namely after the PSBB lockdown we had to endure, it seems that throngs of people have simultaneously adopted a brand new and healthy hobby – cycling! On Saturday and Sunday mornings especially, along the roads up and down the usually car-laden streets of Dago, Setiabudi, and Ciumbuleuit, hundreds of cyclists can be seen making their way to and from the mountains, stopping at many bicycle-friendly cafes and restaurants. If you’d like to join the trend, here is our guide for you.

Where to Cycle in Bandung

The best part of cycling in Bandung is the opportunity to explore forests, valleys, waterfalls, and the amazing vistas the mountains around the city provide. The air is fresh with dew, the breeze cooling, the leaves permanently green, and the views spectacular. The best cycling areas are chock full of a myriad of options that can be rather challenging (we are high up in the mountains after all) but the rewards are absolutely worth it.


Famed for their tall, aromatic pine trees, the Cikole area is also increasingly popular for all sorts of outdoor activities. From camping, hiking, off-roading, and even trail biking, this popular forest provides plenty of tracks and trails to explore for those of a more adventurous and risk-friendly disposition. With downhill dirt tracks specifically designed for mountain bikers, it is definitely something for the more experienced and not for the faint of heart. With its distance from Bandung, some groups might prefer to drive to Lembang first before starting on their journey. Nearby sights are the Orchid Forest, Tangkuban Perahu, and Ciater Hot Springs.


A popular place for glampers and campers alike, Maribaya and its hills, cliffs, and vistas were usually packed with local tourists every weekend. The effects of the pandemic have calmed the area, opening up the roads to a new type of tourist – the cyclist. Whereas the roads were previously lined with tour buses, it is now cyclists that own the roads and pack the cafes and warungs. There are many ways to and from Maribaya, the routes through Punclut or Dago and Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda providing extra spectacular atmospheres and plenty of places to stop and enjoy the view.

Kolonel Masturi

The long road that wraps itself from Lembang and around Western Bandung back down to Cimahi is filled with possibilities. Waterfalls like Curug Layung, Cimahi, Bugbrug, and Penganten are just a few of many that are easily accessible (but often require payment to enter). The areas around Jl. Cihanjuang, Ciwaruga, and Sersan Bajuri are famous for the many organic farms and plant shops that line the streets, making it a perfect place to shop for produce and some greenery. While the main roads do have traffic, there are also many hidden roads and offshoots that will take you to unexpected places.

Kota Baru

For those seeking flatter pastures and perhaps for those with little mileage in their legs and wheels, Kota Baru is great for families and beginners. There are still plenty of roads both paved and dirt to explore and with its close proximity to plenty of cafes and restaurants, it is an easy area for a more leisurely day out.

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