While applying to the university you might have to write a college essay where you need to show your statement. As they say, “you only get one chance to impress”, so the whole writing process can be quite stressful. If this task seems too worrying, overwhelming, and time-consuming, you can always avoid all the troubles by using a cheap custom writing service. It is always better to get a professional opinion on this matter.

To write such an essay yourself you will need to follow some instructions. Below we prepared a guide, which will help you impress the admissions officers by expressing your best traits.

First, start by carefully reading the guidelines. Read them several times to understand what is expected from you. By following the instructions, you will show that you care about the process and able to follow the university rules.

College essays are usually about 500-650 words long but pay attention to the format and word limit required. Be attentive here, as different colleges may have different requirements, so you need to adjust your essay according to them. Note colleges where you can submit the same essay, which will save your time and energy.

Now, knowing the format of your essay you are ready to think about the content. While writing, remember that you need to unveil your personality. Remember that those who are going to read your essay will be assessing your writing skill and how valuable you are for the college.

Another recommendation would be to start writing as early as possible. Do not put it aside till the due date. It is impossible to write such an important paper at once. There will be several drafts, but it is fine. Just give yourself enough time to think, write, and edit. Of course, there is an opinion that deadlines make us creative, but would you risk your future? Give yourself a month or two and write without any extra worries. As a result, you will be proud of your final essay version.

The next step would be to brainstorm ideas. Your topic should answer the prompt given, but there are no rules on how to write the essay, so you need to develop it in your way. Applicants are used to writing essays about outward things, like social issues or novel analyses. In a college essay, they need to be introspective and analyze themselves. The examples and experiences introduced in this essay should concern you; show why you are interested in this program or how you can contribute.

Then focus on the given prompt for your essay. Keep in mind what you are asked to talk about. If there are topics to choose from, pick the one that relates to you the most. While writing you should always think about what the admissions officers would like to know about you. Yet, remember that the approach to the essay can be any, just write the way you like it or think it would be appealing. Entice your readers with your introduction. Make it unique and unusual, expressing your creative personality. Your goal here is to catch officers’ attention. That is like 50% of the total success.

Speaking of the content to write, you may use some remarkable experiences, events, or challenges from your life that shaped you and show who you are. Be honest here and readers will appreciate it. Another strategy could be to write about your hobbies or passion in life that somehow correlate with the program to which you apply. For instance, if you write about your interest in American literature, you may share your experience with it. Tell about your literature club at school or the creative writing course you took last summer. The other option could be to write about the author who is your role model and inspires you to continue studying. Speak here from your heart, candidly.

You should also think about how exactly you want to present yourself in a college essay. Emphasize the traits you are proud of and that can benefit you. However, it is better to provide some context. Describe situations where you showed those qualities and how they determined you.

Except for exhibiting your personality in an essay, state why the program is important and interesting for you, how you are going to implement the knowledge in the future. Let your admissions officers understand how significant it is for you to study there.

It is quite hard to be creative and original when so much is at stake. Surely, similar essays may inspire you and that is normal. That will help you to come up with the structure and organize your ideas. Yet, do not copy other people. There are hundreds of other applicants, who might do the same. Moreover, you can trap yourself into using some clichés so trivial that nobody will want to finish your essay.

Let the language itself show what person you are. Do not try to be somebody else by using too formal style if you are a talkative extrovert. Conversely, if you are a shy introvert, that is okay to show. Let people appreciate you for who you are.

Consider the structure. Luckily, there are no strict rules in this matter and you may feel free to write the way you want. However, take into account the word limit and college requirements. Anyway, your essay needs to have an introduction, the main body of several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your introduction should be compelling and intriguing. Express your ideas in the main body. Finally, in the conclusion, sum up and appeal to readers’ emotions. Make it memorable. Remember to make your text coherent and logical as well.

The final tip would be to let someone you know proofread your work. They need to check your spelling and the content, so ask your teachers or parents.

That’s it! Now you are ready to start working on your college essay.