A clinical laboratory service provider company based in Surabaya, PT Persada Medika Utama, or better known as the Granostic Diagnostic Centre, plans to open four new laboratories in four cities with an investment of IDR 260 billion.

The Commissioner of PT Persada Medika Utama, Adj Prof. Hananiel Prakasya Widjaya, said that the four new laboratories to be built will be focused on Eastern Indonesia, such as in Bali, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, where the level of public health access is still relatively not as good as in Java. “Later we will combine offline and online services in our new laboratory, such as teleconsultation. Regarding the value, one laboratory requires an investment of IDR 65 billion,” said Hananiel in his presentation to the media

He also expressed the company’s hope and vision to continue to grow in the future, after opening four new branch offices. “In the future, we hope that there will be 4 branches with an investment value of this magnitude. Our vision will grow, it would be better if we could develop more,” added Hananiel.

On the same day, PT Bakti Energi Abadi (BENA) signed a limited share purchase agreement for Granostic. The signing was carried out between the President Director of PT Persada Medika Utama, Dr. Agus Chairul Anab, Sp BS, and the Director of PT Bakti Energi Abadi, Diana Widyastuti Tirtoatmojo. Through this share purchase agreement, later BENA will become the owner of 20% shares of Granostic. He said the share purchase agreement was made based on a common vision to provide efficient and equitable health services to all levels of society in the country.

“In the spirit of expanding the scope of health services for the community, PT Persada Medika Utama collaborated with PT BENA to strengthen its shareholder ranks through the signing of the Conditional Shares Participation Agreement today. BENA’s advantages in terms of access to the latest technology and health products will provide additional strength for the development of the Granostic Center in the future,” said Agus Chairul Anab.

The signing of the agreement was also carried out between Granostic and GC Labs, a leading laboratory service provider company from South Korea. GC Labs is a leading clinical laboratory in South Korea that has an international reputation. “Through this collaboration, the Granostic Diagnostic Center will expand the scope of existing laboratory tests with international quality and reputation,” said Agus Chairul Anab.

GC LABS Manager South Korea, Saeyoon kwon, said that GC Labs will provide training assistance that will be able to support Granostic’s performance, including in terms of the speed with which laboratory analysis results are provided to patients.

A little about Granostic, this clinical laboratory located in Surabaya has been established since 2007. Since its inception, Granostic Diagnostic Center has fulfilled the community’s need for comprehensive, accurate and fast laboratory examination services. Granostic Diagnostic Center is also one of the pioneers of private microbiology laboratories in Surabaya and has become one of the reference centers for microbiological examination and bacterial culture for hospitals and other laboratories.

Granostic Diagnostic Center has become the only private laboratory outside the hospital that opens 24/7 access services. Access to this 24-hour service has received great interest from the community in addition to the ease of access to services via Home Service for patients in need.

Since March 2021, PT. Kortex Global Sejahtera (“Kortex”) entered as one of the shareholders of PT. Persada Medika Utama where this has a positive impact with the birth of a new business line, namely Granostic Medical Center. Kortex has been widely known for its superior products in the form of comprehensive neurosurgery and brain services since 2009 (“Kortex Comprehensive Brain Spine”).

Granostic Medical Center will be developed by providing a combination of specialist services with the latest medical technology for various needs, such as pain clinic, brain & spine clinic and other disease complaints experienced by many people.