To celebrate and recognize the modern heroes of the industries – the minds behind creative pursuits, wayward entrepreneurs, and impeccable creators – GoWork is announcing August’s promotion: #RuangKaryaIndonesia, which features 74% discount off office spaces in 8 of their sleek, convenient hubs across Indonesia.

GoWork provides top-of-the-line office spaces that go beyond traditional workspaces. Experience inspiring, productive workspaces that encourage your team to continually pursue growth and challenge the limits of their productivity. GoWork puts years of meticulous research and experience towards formulating the perfect touchpoints for improving your team’s Employee Experience.

Beyond just the usual chair-and-table setup, GoWork also offers companies an enterprise solutions plan that has you build and customize your company’s office layouts, complete with private branding and turnkey management solutions.

GoWork’s hubs are located along some of the most accessible locations in Indonesia, with most being a short drive or walk away from the nearest transportation hubs and airports. Moreover, their hubs are in proximity to business and entertainment centers. With this, you can practically take your work anywhere, bringing the balance between work & play to an entirely new level.

Featuring an indoor/outdoor layout in both shared and private workspaces, GoWork wants its members to experience productivity that is stoked by the warm and soft Balinese breeze.

Find your next masterpiece at GoWork, this August in your own, personal #RuangKerjaIndonesia at 8 locations across Indonesia.

If you want to learn more about #RuangKaryaIndonesia and get 74% discount off your workspace, visit GoWork’s home on the web here.

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