Vaccines against COVID-19 have been developed, and reliable, extensively tested products are being produced. For now the government of Indonesia is responsible for the available vaccines. Indonesia has decided to rely on a certain number of different brands.

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The vaccines available have been reserved for groups that have been prioritized by the government (for example healthcare workers and public servants, police and army will follow).

The number of vaccines is still limited. The Astra Zeneca product for example will only come to Indonesia in April, and we are also not sure how that product will be distributed. You might see some advertisements for pre-registration for vaccines, but these can be used to collect data about the demand.

Certain facilities, clinics and hospitals are already working with the government to vaccinate the Indonesian population. Those facilities are not supposed to sell the vaccines privately, and the vaccines are for now only given to those who are identified as a priority group.

Companies and corporate businesses are working with the government to see how they can vaccinate part or all of their employees. These talks are still in the beginning phase. Any regional travel to obtain vaccines will be very difficult. Please note that none of the neighboring countries have over supplies of vaccines. Delays are happening everywhere.

The private sector will be involved in the vaccinating process, but there is no clear timeline yet.

For now  the vaccines are for Indonesians with a valid identity card and they are offered for free at designated facilities only. Our Good Practice clinic is a registered vaccination clinic, which is one of the requirements to offer COVID-19 vaccines in the future. GOOD PRACTICE is following the developments closely and they will be one in the front line to offer vaccines to their patients.


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COVID-19 is still an important topic. We have seen a shift from large demands of Rapid antibody testing (by a simple finger prick) to Rapid Antigen swabs.

An antigen swab (a swab is taken from the throat and the back of your nose), looks for proteins on the surface of the virus) provides a quick result, usually within 20 minutes. The test can play a role in screening quickly if the virus is present. The test is more likely to show a true positive result when you have symptoms. A skilled swab taker also contributes to a more reliable result.

The PCR swab looks for genetic material of the virus.  The sample is sent to a lab and after a heating and cooling process which converts the genetic material, millions of copies are made and the organism (virus) can be identified. This takes a couple of hours, but the results are almost 100% accurate.

Good Practice is offering Covid-19 Testing at the clinic or any preferred location. They are offering all sorts of testing: Antigen swabs, Antibody serology and PCR swabs.

Please note that you are welcome anytime for Covid-19 testing. No appointments required.

Several turnaround times available for the PCR swab and prices range from IDR 900,000 to IDR 2,000,000 (eight to ten hours turnaround time). Good Practice provides highly personalized care and they are open for medical consultation, as well.

For the Antigen Swabs they are using Abbott antigen swab kits. A validated test kit in the European Union and the USA. You  can just wait for the result, and it comes with a printout, suitable to use for travel. The PCR tests are verified by laboratory and recommended by major airlines.


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