Global Sevilla Pulomas and Global Sevilla Puri Indah were founded on 6th October 2002. The founders of the schools had dreamt of building “a school with a fun and meaningful learning environment for our future generations.”

Global Sevilla Schools focus on academic excellence and provides a good character-building programme to nurture their young learners to be well-rounded individuals. The schools work very closely with the family and the community to achieve their goals. Global Sevilla Schools adopt the Cambridge Curriculum and her students sit for the Cambridge Checkpoint (Grade 6), the IGCSE – International General Certificate of Secondary Education and the A-level Cambridge Examination.

Global Sevilla includes the practice of mindfulness in her curriculum. The mindfulness programme is designed for children from kindergarten to the Junior College. It has proven to prepare their students to cope with the current and future demands of school and society well.

Students in Global Sevilla Schools are also exposed to project-based learning as the school believes that project-based learning leads to the development of analytical thinking and collaboration skills. Skills such as leadership, critical thinking and creativity can also be enhanced through project-based learning. 

Why Global Sevilla?

Balanced Education
We nurture students to thrive socially, academically, and emotionally. We strongly believe that happy students are achieving students.

Nurturing Global Students with Character
We nurture our students by bringing out their best character and potential.

Mindfulness-based School
Mindfulness is defined as “purposeful attention in the present moment”. 

Mindfulness-based practices have proven to reduce stress and anxiety among students. These practices also relax & calm students, and that helps to improve their academic and behavioral outcomes. Recent data and research confirm the positive effects of incorporating mindfulness into education, with mindfulness skills shown to improve memory, organizational skills, reading and math scores, while also providing children with the tools they need to handle stress and to remain tranquil and resilient through testing periods.

How is Mindfulness Beneficial to Our Children?

Regular mindfulness practices can alter the structure of the brain to help adults and children to learn more effectively. It can also promote an attitude of kindness and open curiosity, while teaching children and adults alike to feel compassion and empathy for others. The practice of mindfulness also provides an opportunity for children to just ‘be’; a moment out of their busy lives to enable them to think and reflect.

Mindfulness strengthens resilience and decision-making abilities, builds character leading to academic success, develops positive social skills—such as giving, compassion, and self-control, instill joy and optimism in classroom learning, and creates peer-to-peer harmony.

Our Mindfulness Programme

We integrate our mindfulness programme into the curriculum from kindergarten until Junior College. Our days start with a silent moment, to help the students relax, be completely aware and fully awake to the present moment. Students also participate in mindful eating during their break time, which helps to develop their sense of gratefulness. Once a week, students will also have a mindful sitting session where they can practice focusing on their breathing.

This programme encourages our children to slow down and be truly alive, present, and at one with those around them, and with what they are doing. The simple act of breathing can help with focus, to enable them to complete the task at hand.


Indoor facilities like the Computer and Science laboratories, a dedicated Art Room and outdoor sports facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball court and mini soccer field provide ample opportunities for our students to explore and improve their physical skills. Attractive outdoor playground and the indoor sensory room gives our younger students many opportunities to enhance their social skills by playing together. 

We believe that students learn better in a surrounding that highlights the beauty of nature. Our school features wide open spaces with beautiful greenery for our students to spend their time in, bringing a sense of peace to their day to day activities. 

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Global Sevilla Pulo Mas Campus
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Global Sevilla Puri Indah Campus

Jl. Kembangan Raya Blok JJ No.1
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