We must all admit that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes in world, how we do things, how we interact with other people, and how our lifestyle slowly has changed including exercise routines. This was also the beginning of the formation of Geng Gobyos as a healthy and fit community by Sports Instructor Riana Bismarak.

Founder of the Geng Gobyos, Riana Bismarak, explained that the community was formed by accident. At the first beginning phase of the pandemic in 2020, she often became active as a sports instructor via digital platforms.

Apparently, the response of her followers was so enthusiastic. Riana remembers that March 20, 2020 was her first time teaching many people to exercise through the Instagram Live feature. After that, requests for virtual exercise with her for free were in high demand.

“It happened from March to December, the class was free. As soon as the end of the year came, many said that the class should not be stopped, they want it to be a regular online workout,” added Riana.

Riana Bismarak’s desire to start online classes was finally realized in early 2021. Regarding the name Gobyos itself, it was accidentally sparked by his followers who participated in virtual sports classes.

By early 2021, Geng Gobyos members had reached 1,500 people. Even that, not only Indonesian citizens who live here but also those who live abroad join the membership.

The advantage of this member is that they can keep exercising by viewing tapping live videos that are stored within 24 hours. The reason why many members join Geng Gobyos is that they are really like having fun. They can feel the adrenaline with your friends virtually, even if it’s only at home.

Geng Gobyos members with Riana can get 12 workouts with 9 times cardio toning and 3 times pounds fit in 1 month. All exercises can be done by anyone from different fitness levels.

Don’t worry because Geng Gobyos really understands your conditions. Video uploaded by Geng Gobyos with the class will be available 24 hours, and during the weekend there will be a full weekend to accompany you and your family at home. To be able to access the videos, you just need to enter the class menu and you can directly access the videos anytime for 24 hours. Yes, because work out should be FUN and you should be able to set your own time!

Website: https://genggobyos.com/
IG: https://instagram.com/genggobyos