Effective on 7 May 2020, Garuda Indonesia is back to serve for the domestic route from and to the red zones in Indonesia. Based on the government policy through the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 25 of 2020 concerning Transportation Control During the Eid Mubarak Season and refers to Gugus Tugas Percepatan Penanganan COVID-19 letter SE No. 4 of 2020, Garuda Indonesia only serves passengers with certain criteria, such as:

  1. A passenger who works for government organizations or private sectors.
  2. A patient who needs urgent health care.
  3. Condolences visit an imminent family member.
  4. Special repatriation that organized by a government institution, private sector, or university.

Besides that, all passengers must bring the documents required and show them at the check-in counter. The documents you must prepare are:

  1. Travel Statement Letter (download here).
  2. Travel Endorsement from a Company / Institution (Government / Private Sectors).
  3. Health Certificate COVID-19 Free Statement Letter.
  4. Identity Card (KTP or other valid personal information).

Click here for requirement details, passengers criteria for traveling, and other Garuda Indonesia’s operational policy due to the impact of COVID-19 outbreak. Garuda Indonesia also encourages you to follow the health protocols and all measures taken by the authorities, like wearing a mask at the airport and during flight, also maintaining physical distancing.