We know that it’s quite challenging to do the home quarantine during the Coronavirus pandemic. Especially with your kids as they’re at the age of supposedly active and productive outside the house. But worry less, because actually there are tons of fun activities to do at home with your kids to keep their creativity on the track. As well as keeping them away from boredom or stress when they have to be at home for long periods of time. Here are those activities you can try:

1. DIY Bird Feeder

2. Exercise together

There are several exercises you can do with your kids at home, such as yoga, Zumba, pound fit, and more. Check these exercise Instagram accounts to support #WORKOUTFROMHOME with your kids.

3. Play Board Games

You can use board games in your house, but you can also take your kids to make DIY cardboard games for more fun and creative activity.

4. Fruits or vegetable stamping

It is actually a classic way to make a painting or similar art. All you need is whatever fruits or vegetables in your house, acrylic paint, and let your kids sparks his/her artsy mind on the paper. You also let them watch several examples or tutorial on YouTube channels.

5. Binge-Watching

Thankfully now we have several streaming services, so we can still have fun watching movies or TV series at home. Head over to Netflix as the platform has hundreds of choices to binge-watch with your kids or family. Check our recommendations here.

6. Play Hid and Seek

7. Play with bubbles

It is a simple yet fun activity with your kids. You can also easily make with only soap, water, and straw. But, don’t mind to level up the bubbles games with creative bubbles recipes that you can find in YouTube channels.

8. Make Rock Candy

Kids surely love candy. But, how to use candy as a fun object and safe to consume? The answer is to make it on your own at home with your little ones. Several main ingredients that you need are water, granulated sugar, popsicle sticks, clothespins, and food coloring.

9. Learn simple magic tricks

From goofy magic tricks to optical illusions, your kids must love them. Just prepare common items like a tie, string, paper, a hairdryer, a candle, food coloring, markers, matches, magnets, and batteries, and get started.

10. Make slime

Slime is definitely something your kids can’t resist. And you can make it at home with common household items. Just put in mind to keep your kids under surveillance while making it.

11. Try simple recipe

From pancake, cake, to cookies, this is the right time to cook simple recipes with your kids. Let them play and enjoy the process of something they can enjoy later. Cooking with kids is also a good bonding activity.

12. Decorate a t-shirt

13. Fashion Show

Make your daughter excited by holding a fashion show at home. Let them experiment in choosing the outfit and accesories. You can prepare hyped or fast tempo music to make the catwalk more lively.