Please note! Say hello again to Earth Hour that will take place on March 26th precisely at 8:30 pm. Earth Hour is an annual global event to reduce electricity consumption for one hour. During this period of time, millions of people across the world are participating by switching off the lights for one hour to celebrate our beloved home Earth and raise awareness about climate change. If you’re not sure how you’ll spend your Earth Hour evening, here are a few fun ideas you can do during Earth Hour.

Candle Light Dinner

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Dine in the dark this Earth Hour and cook up some planet-friendly dishes will be the best option. The moment will not be completed without a glass of great wine, so don’t forget to enjoy the moment and chill. Inviting your friends over for a potluck dinner will be a great idea. The more the merrier.


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Take a nice seat on the porch or terrace and then go for star-gazing. Just darkness, a blanket, and hot drinks will be enough for a perfect star-gazing hour. See which constellations you can pick out in the night sky. You can even go one step further and set up a tent for your kids and build pillow forts.

Work it out

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Use this time to pursue a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  Burn some calories by doing a simple exercise like cardio or yoga at home. Then, find inner peace by doing a relaxing meditation pose while cooling down.

Take a nap

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When the world is healing, your body, mind, and soul might need healing too. A nice long slumber in a serene and dark isn’t just restorative but also beneficial for your physical health and mindstate. Also put on a face mask or have a good bath before to rejuvenate your skin.

Playing music

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Hone your musical skills and do an unplugged jam session. You may know our listening sense becomes sharper while we’re in the dark. Playing guitar will be the simplest and greatest idea.

Fun games

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Stay in and use the hour to spend some quality time with your special ones. You can have some ‘friendly competition’ with UNO or make ‘enemies’ with Monopoly. Some board games can be a bit challenging depending on the learning curve but still fun to play together.

Be artsy

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If you have any arts or crafts laying around, be artsy and express yourself. Coloring and drawing are simple but effective activities for recreation and tranquility. Unleash your inner artist from painting, drawing, or coloring images. Make sure to set the candle at a suitable state, and be surprised to see your real artworks when the light is back on.