It is always a good idea to improve your writing abilities. Writing is an integral part of our life. And as long as you practice your writing skills, you become a better writer. If you study in English, you know how important writing assignments are. Students all across the world tend to complete dozens of English essays weekly. And to get a satisfactory grade, you need to make your essay stand out. Since you are here, you might be seeking help writing papers. If so, make sure to follow the article to get a clear picture of the best ways to start writing good English essays.

Become An Active Reader

You might find this tip a thing of the past. However, it can be considered as one of the most important ways to improve your writing. When you read, you remember many words, grammatical structures, and other crucial things related to language. But you need to remember: reading is not enough. You have to be an active reader. It means that you need to analyze what you have read during a specific time frame. This will make your reading process efficient and productive.

To do that, divide your reading into several sessions. They may last 15 minutes, for example. Once you finish reading, make a pause, and go back to the content you have read. Analyze the text, highlight all the unfamiliar words to you, check their meaning and how they can be used in the text. If such words are widely used, make sure to include them in your essays, as well.

Besides the mentioned, try reading various literature. For instance, you can read science fiction in one day and non-fiction in another. Not only will you be able to catch more useful things, but also you will be aware of different writing styles to help you compose an excellent paper in the future.

Augment Your Vocabulary

Whether you need to write an online essay, article, or dissertation, you should have an abundant vocabulary. Reading is helpful indeed. But you can’t enlarge your vocabulary just by reading literature and analyzing it. What else you have to do is use different apps to help you increase your vocab. You may well use any online dictionary or app that provides synonyms. However, we would recommend using OneLook Reverse or Thesaurus Dictionary, depending on which device you use.

For instance, if you prefer to use your laptop or PC when writing English essays, OneLook Reverse will serve you as a great dictionary of synonyms. Here are only some of the app’s advantages:

  • It has a simple design that helps you focus on the words you are looking for
  • It provides dozens of synonyms
  • It demonstrates definitions, pronunciation, and examples in sentences
  • It divides synonyms into verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs
  • It is free

OneLook Reverse is a great app that will meet your expectations straight away. Whatever app you have used before, be confident that this web page has way more to offer.

In turn, if you prefer to use your mobile phone, you can try downloading the Thesaurus Dictionary. Everyone knows what Thesaurus is. Being among the best series of dictionaries, it provides nearly anything your heart might desire. Pocket Thesaurus, a mobile app, is a handy tool every student needs to have. The reasons are simple and clear:

  • It has an easy-to-navigate and to use interface
  • It works offline, meaning once you download it, you will able to use it anywhere
  • It provides a handful of synonyms and antonyms for a particular word
  • It allows you to bookmark eloquent words to return to them later
  • It is completely free

And there are more advantages of these two apps. Either way, it is up to you which app to use.

Write On Schedule

Even though you might have lots on your plate in terms of home assignments, you have to practice your writing. Practice makes perfect, which means that without systematic drills, you are unlikely to boost your skills. The simplest thing you can do is write on a schedule. Start from something simple and less time-consuming. It may be a summary of some article, a literature review of the book you have just read. Make sure to increase the volume of your works. Indeed, that doesn’t mean you have to write extensive papers on top of your home assignments.

The most important thing is to develop a writing habit. For instance, look at your schedule. If you have a free hour after classes, then devote it to write a simple essay on a random topic. Change topics regularly so that you develop your vocabulary and make your writing style more versatile. Make it this way: one day, write a summary of anything you read. Another day write about something related to your classes. It may be a personal reflection of a specific subject. Finally, try to write an academic paper. Use proper grammar, vocabulary, structures, etc.

The mentioned strategy aims to advance your writing skills and prepare you to write essays on different topics. That is, when you write a summary, you can use a semi-formal style. In turn, when writing personal reflections, you can use an informal writing style, using first-person pronouns. Finally, when writing academic essays, you follow a formal writing style, avoiding first-person pronouns, redundant words, and wordy structures.

Learn Structure and Format

Needless to say that every complete paper has to follow a specific structure. If you write for academia, structures depend on the word count, subject, and major. Assume you have to write an expository essay. In this case, you have to write your paper following a widely agreed structure, such as an introduction, main part, and a conclusion.

  • Introduction

An introduction is the first part of every paper. Depending on your word limit, you may want to make it more or less extensive. If you have to write a standard paper, your introduction will be around 100 words. You have to include an opening sentence, background information, and a thesis statement within this limit. The thesis statement is the essential part of your essay, as it demonstrates what you will further talk about.

  • Body Part

An ordinary paper has five paragraphs, and three of them are body sections. Each body paragraph has to develop particular points from the thesis statement. If you strive to improve your writing abilities, you need to know this fact and include only significant facts.

  • Conclusion

A conclusion is the students’ biggest dealbreaker. People tend to make plenty of mistakes when writing conclusions for several reasons. The most critical one is that they simply restate a thesis. When finishing your paper, rephrase the thesis statement, wrap up the essay’s content, and give people food for thought by highlighting the topic’s importance. And remember, if your piece caused a discussion, you have written it well enough.

Writing English essays is a steep learning curve. You can’t pick up writing skills after completing dozens of papers. If you want to demonstrate substantial progress and make your writing skills skyrocket, make sure to practice your writing daily; and, of course, to use the mentioned tips.