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Viewing Social Phenomena through Cartoon Humor Lenses, Exhibition 'Guyon Maton'


During this Ramadan month, Garrya Bianti Yogyakarta collaborates with Yogyakarta-born cartoonist, Praba Pangripta, to organize a solo exhibition titled "Guyon Maton" from March 20th to April 20th, 2024. The location of Kopi Zop Garrya Bianti Yogyakarta is transformed into an art gallery showcasing works by this artist born in 1962. At least 15 caricatures and cartoons are exhibited and can be enjoyed by visitors. This exhibition will highlight everyday social phenomena but presented in a humorous manner, allowing art enthusiasts to appreciate art from a different perspective.

"Guyon Maton" in Javanese means playful banter with a meaningful or foundational basis. "Guyon" through visual cartoon artwork serves as a means or alternative to awaken sensitivity towards humor. Currently, humor can be a captivating medium for delivering messages. Complex political issues, social inequalities, civilization, ethical violations, and social orders are packaged in cartoons and caricatures. Of course, the experience and intelligence of Praba Pangaripta in packaging an event become its attraction in each of his works. Cartoonist Praba Pangripta has been immersed in the world of cartoons and caricatures since his college days. We can enjoy his works through various local and national print media. Furthermore, his illustration works have adorned various book covers, short stories, and fairy tales in various publishers.

"Garrya Bianti Yogyakarta aims to be a platform for cartoonists and caricaturists to continue creating. With the advancements in technology and media, we hope artists can keep innovating," said Ridwan Heriyadi, General Manager of Garrya Bianti Yogyakarta. Despite the shift to digital in many mainstream media outlets, we mustn't let this change stifle the work of cartoonists. As a hotel with a special focus on the development of local art and culture, Garrya Bianti Yogyakarta strives to contribute to preserving cartoon culture by providing a space for creativity.

"We appreciate the support from Garrya Bianti Yogyakarta; personally, I am delighted that my work is highly valued and can be enjoyed directly by visitors. This motivates me to continue creating," added Praba Pangripta during the launch event of the "Guyon Maton" Exhibition at Garrya Bianti Yogyakarta. For more information about Garrya Bianti Yogyakarta, visit their website at or follow them on IG @garryabianti."