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The 28th Archipelago Food Festival Held at Royal Malioboro by ASTON

The 28th Archipelago Food Festival, held ar Royal Malioboro by ASTON in Yogyakarta. Archipelago Food Festival is a culinary roadshow event that takes place in several major cities in Indonesia. This festival is organized by Archipelago International and hotel units under Archipelago International across Indonesia. The event was showcased typical Indonesian dishes and is themed “Pesona Rasa Nusantara”.

The grand culinary event took place on Friday, October 6th 2023 and featured a collaboration between 12 Executive Chefs from Archipelago International. In addition to presenting traditional Indonesian dishes, these chefs showcased their signature menus. Attendeed were also treated to a live music performances and had the opportunity to win various interesting doorprizes.

The 28th Archipelago Food Festival

Vera Indah Pratiwi, the General Manager of Royal Malioboro by ASTON expressed her excitement about the festival and its offerings. She mentioned that this event lively atmosphere of the 267th Yogyakarta’s anniversary celebration. The opening night of Archipelago Food Festival was honored by the presence of Yuna Pancawati, who represented the Governor of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Winston Hanes the Vice President of Operations Archipelago International, Vera Indah Pratiwi, Sari Kusumaningrum as Director of Corporate Communications and PR Archipelago International, were also part of the Ceremony. Yuna Pancawati, in her speech, welcomed and appreciated culinary festival activities like Archipelago Food Festival, which were elegantly organized. 

The 12 Executive Chefs who collaborated on this event included Firmansyah, Richard Tanmelay & Eko Widianto from Royal Malioboro by ASTON, Anas Harsanto from Harper Malioboro, Arif Suryadi from The Alana Malioboro, Budi Wijaya from The Alana Hotel & Convention Yogyakarta, Gunawan from favehotel Kusumanegara, Dedi Suseno from favehotel Malioboro, Aris Sanongko from favehotel Solo, Agus Supriyanto from ASTON Solo and Muhammad Firman from The Alana Hotel Solo. On this special occasion, these Executive Chefs are showcased a delightful array of regional delicacies from across the Indonesia Archipelago. The diverse menu offerings includes East Nusa Tenggara, Lombok, Bali, East Java, Central Java & Yogyakarta, West Java, Sumatera, and other regions in Indonesia.

The 28th Archipelago Food Festival

The Archipelago Food Festival at Royal Malioboro by ASTOV served a dual purpose. Firstly, it aims to established the hotel as a prominent culinary destination in Yogyakarta, offering a rich tapestry of flavours from the archipelago to the wider community. Secondly, it provides a meaningful opportunity for migrants fromvarious region of Indonesia residing in Yogyakarta to reconnect with the tastes of their hometowns, serving a heartwarming reunion for them.

The festival not only celebrate the diverses culinary heritage of Indonesia but also fosters unity and appreciation among people from different parts of the country, making it a truly enriching and memorable experience for all involved. It is hoped that Archipelago Food Festival will continue to be an eagerly anticipated annual tradition in Yogyakarta.

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