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Artotel Yogyakarta Presents Art Exibition "INTRODUCTION" Featuring Ari Priana Herdian


ARTOTEL Yogyakarta presents another art exhibition, this time in collaboration with the artist from West Sumatra, Ari Priana Herdian. Titled "Introduction," this art exhibition officially opened on April 3, 2024, at ARTSPACE, located on the lobby floor of ARTOTEL Yogyakarta.

Ari Priana Herdian, also known as Ari, brings a solo exhibition that depicts his artistic journey from the land of Minangkabau to Yogyakarta. His active involvement in the arts scene in West Sumatra led Ari to believe that he needed to further hone his artistic potential and explore deeper artistic knowledge in Yogyakarta, Java. Despite facing various obstacles and challenges in his artistic journey, Ari remained confident in producing artworks that are now showcased in this exhibition. This confidence underpins the theme of "Introduction."

Ari Priana's artworks symbolize an individual's journey of self-discovery, with a resilient attitude that every human experiences. Ari considers this artistic approach unique, as it introduces creations born from the harmony between the spiritual and physical realms. His continuous artistic exploration and learning from simple experiences to create meaningful artworks reflect his determination and resilience.

Through his artworks, which feature expressive and contrasting colors combined with unusual and unique objects such as plants, animals, humans, and various items, Ari Priana conveys messages of resilience and self-discovery. This solo exhibition at ARTSPACE ARTOTEL Yogyakarta marks Ari Priana's first solo exhibition, and meticulous preparations have been made to ensure that each artwork tells a compelling story and serves as a remedy for the common ailment of giving up too easily.

Andre Harso Binawan, the General Manager of ARTOTEL Yogyakarta, expressed, "As a hotel that embraces art, we continuously strive to provide a platform through ARTSPACE for local artists to express themselves, tell stories, and inspire the community, just like this 'Introduction' exhibition. We hope that this art exhibition will inspire and leave a lasting impression on visitors while they are at ARTOTEL Yogyakarta."

The exhibition features 19 paintings by Ari Priana, and it will run from April 3 until June 3, 2024.


ARTOTEL Yogyakarta
Jalan Kaliurang KM. 5,6 No.14, Manggung, Caturtunggal, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281.