Surabaya Wines & Spirit Festival at Sheraton Surabaya Hotels & Towers


Hi Wine Lovers, have you ever attended one of the world's most lively international wine festivals and met other wine enthusiasts? In this world, there are lots of wine festivals held every harvest season where when this festival takes place, visitors will be spoiled with a variety of exciting performances and of course a variety of delicious wines.

Alcoholic beverages are still quite taboo in Indonesia. But in some countries, consuming alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine is considered as commonplace. No need to go far abroad, last week to be precise on 5 & 6 November 2022, for the first time in Surabaya, PT. Yala Indo Perkasa has successfully held an event entitled "Surabaya Wine & Spirit Festival" which took place at the Grand Ballroom, Sheraton Surabaya Hotels & Towers.

This event was enlivened by several performers such as live music, DJs, and bartender competitions. In the event, we can try & enjoy more than 80 kinds of the best selected wines, and of course there is also a choice of spirit testing.

"We are holding this festival as a forum for wine lovers in Surabaya, where this event is also a place for cultural exchange as well as hospitality for businessmen in Surabaya to open up their social networks more," said Yessica, as General Manager - PT. Yala Indo Perkasa.

This event was held thanks to several supported principals and brands, such as Brown Forman, Whyte and Mackay, Nusa Cana, Beervana, Brugal, Lindemans, Varumi Wines, Hatten Wines, Monin, Putra Sukses Internus, Multifortuna Sinar Delta, Cigarbosku, Xtrack Organizer, and of course as the venue is Sheraton Surabaya Hotels & Towers.