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Allegrini Wine Tasting Hosted by Anna Lucic at Chamas Brazilian Churrascaria

Tasting and understanding the characteristics of wine is very fun. Variants and tastes are different in each area of production. Not infrequently, wine makes its lovers addicted and tempted to taste it.

Located at Chamas Brazilian Churrascaria - VASA Hotel Surabaya, PT Dinamis Sukses Perkasa as a wine distributor in East Java successfully held an event entitled "Allegrini Wine Tasting" in collaboration with Allegrini Brand Ambassador, Anna Lucic.

Vasa Sby

Anna Lucic was born in 1976 in Italy, a land of vineyards and a deep-rooted culture of wine. After working for several years for EU agencies and international organizations around the world, she moved to Bangkok in 2008 turning her innate interest and passion for wine into a professional orientation. Anna Lucic as Allegrini's brand ambassador brings several variants of wine that are produced directly from Italy, including Allegrini, San Polo, Poggio Al Tesoro, and of course the highlight everyone's favorite is Amarone by Allegrini. The Allegrini family has lived for generations in Fumane, a town situated some 18 km (11 miles) northwest of Verona, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica. Since the beginning of the 16th century, the family has played a leading role in the development of this prestigious wine-growing territory. 

Vasa Sby

When it comes to wine testing, you don't have to be a Master Sommelier to be able to differentiate between the varieties and styles of wine you're drinking. Although each variety and region has a certain character they add to each wine. Wine aroma is as important as taste in determining quality and variety. Although there are thousands of scents in wine, try to identify a few. It might be too complex at first but try to divide it into different categories. Do you smell fruits, spices, plants, or even flowers? Drink wine, and what do we really taste when we drink wine? Tasting wine can determine not only the taste of the wine, but also the level of tannins, acidity, taste in the mouth, and the overall balance of the wine. Choose your favorite wine while enjoying your weekend.

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