Coincided with INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY on October 2022, V-Soy organized final round of ‘V-SOY BARISTA COMPETITION’. The final round of this national scale competition took place at Elisse Lounge – The Tribrata Darmawangsa Jakarta.

Using Seattle Geisha 2G E61W/Emergency Bottom - Stainless Steel, a coffee machine by PT Formisa International, Indonesian supplier for coffee machine, coffee powder, beverage powder and accessories. The three finalists competed for championship title to win a grand prize of one set of coffee machine of Ascaso Uno Pid & Hey Café Espresso Grinder, win a total of Rp 90.000.000.-.

Through this V-SOY BARISTA SOYLUTION COMPETITION, V-SOY expects to expand their B2B (Business to Business) market by providing references, education, business opportunities, guided by respected coffee experts, and to introduce V-SOY LOW SUGAR for Barista to Indonesia’s culinary and coffee (F&B) entrepreneurs, particularly to Baristas.



Adi W. Taroepratjeka

As the CEO and owner of 5758 Coffee Lab, Adi devotes his life in coffee industry for decades. His dedication to coffee industry brought him as the first Q Grader Instructor in Indonesia. Born on April 21st, 1975, Adi W. Taroepratjeka managed to attract people’s attention with his appearance on Story-Kompas TV as the presenter.

“The increasing demand and the current trend of using plant-based milk have appeared on the market as the consumers prefer a dairy-free diet. This should challenge a barista to serve tasty coffee drinks by using plant-based milk as an alternative. V-SOY accommodates these needs since V-SOY is a great all-rounder for hot and cold coffees, but the most important is, V-SOY provides great flavor with affordable price for everyone.”, Adi W. Taroepratjeka explained.

Through this activity and campaign, V-SOY World Indonesia strives to strengthen their brand image as the top-notch soya milk which can be added into any coffee drinks as ‘the staple of coffee add-ins’, as well as to penetrate a proficient brand image to B2C (Business to Consumer) market.

Viki Rahardja

Also familiarly known as ‘Bang Viki’, he was the Latte Art champion in 2016 and currently works as coffee shop consultant at a coffee company in Indonesia. His dedication in coffee industry makes him better known as the Beverage Influencer and Creator.





Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ci7WHNkDV0-/

After graduated from SMA Taruna Bakti Nusantara, Sephta continued his study at Aero Flyer Pilot Institute and finally discovered his passion and talent in coffee by becoming Barista at Jijou Coffee & Social, one of the must visit coffee shops in Bandung. With theme Japanese 90’s, Jijou Coffee & Social Bandung is not a usual coffee shop, but also a place to socialize and hangout.

Sephta’s notable signature beverage called ‘The Wind Rises, using Kembang Tahu as the basic ingredient, was the beverage that competed in Barista Soylution Competition. With an authentic, not too sweet and light coffee taste balances the overall taste of The Wind Rises’, especially after V-Soy Low Sugar for Barista was added into the drink.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ci7HvpmD7Vs/

Works as Barista and Professional Bartender, also Bar Trainer at HWGroup and Business Partner at The Craft Coffee - coffee shop in Gading Serpong, Tangerang, specializing in Coffee Mocktail. Vikram has participated in various competitions since 2019 and won prestigious achievements, including The First Runner Up of Coffee Mixo Surabaya 2022, The First Winner of CBC Bandung 2022, The First Runner Up of Coffee Mixo Medan 2022, The First Runner Up of CBC Medan 2022, and The Winner of Mixo Medan 2022.

His signature beverage that competed for Barista Soylution Competition, was ‘Pancaroba’. A coffee mocktail which is inspired by Irish Coffee with the mix of Indonesian typical ingredients.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CijrNCVuVO2/

As the only female finalist at Barista Soylution Competition, Ulfa inspires many female baristas in Indonesia through this competition. Behind the coffee machine at SMITH Bandung, Ulfa always develops her new creations from West Javanese typical snacks. SMITH Bandung is a coffee shop that owns three different stationed bars, such as espresso bar, filter bar, and mocktail bar as the main attractive points. SMITH Bandung is the pioneer of mocktail experience in Bandung.

At Barista Soylution Competition, Ulfa created ‘Tofu Flower City’, a signature drink which is inspired by Kembang Tahu. This ‘Tofu Flower City’ allows people to enjoy every texture of the tofu and ginger and of course, the flavor of V-Soy Low Sugar for Barista to complete the perfection.



V-Soy is 100% plant-based soy milk with free calories and zero cholesterol. “In accordance with their tagline, “The Smart Soy Solution”, V-Soy encourages consumers to implement a fit and healthy lifestyle and so achieve a high-quality life”, said Evlin Wangsadirja, Brand Manager of V-Soy World Indonesia.

V-Soy comes in five different flavors; original, multigrain, cocoa, low sugar and golden grain, ensuring V-Soy is everyone’s choice and favorite soy milk.

To learn more about V-Soy World Indonesia, please visit:

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