BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Students at the International Conference of Aerospace Medicine, ICAM22

BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Students’ Collaboration about Effect of Physical Exhaustion on Basic Parameters of Voice

Physical exhaustion conditions can have an impact on oneself and others. The impact of physical fatigue can have crucial consequences, one of which is in aerospace. However, this can be anticipated through analyzing voice as an early detection before further treatment. Such a step can certainly save someone from unwanted events. Because of this phenomenon, three 12th grade students of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, namely Chiara Amanda Santoso, Danniella Jasmine Soetandi, and Raeya Rajiv Savur, were curious about this, so they conducted further research.

The three students investigated exhaustion detection method for airplane pilots and astronauts through sound analysis in the airplane cockpit. Because of this research, Chiara, Daniella, and Raeya were specially invited to present it at the International Conference of Aerospace Medicine (ICAM 2022) which was held from 22-24 September 2022 in Paris, France. This conference was the first international aerospace medicine conference and was attended by civil society and military experts who specialize in aerospace medicine and occupational health and safety.

Chiara, Daniella, and Raeya were the first Indonesian high school students invited to this conference. The results of their presentations also attracted a lot of interest and questions during and outside of presentation hours. This is because the results of research conducted by these three BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students have a good potential impact, especially on the safety of airplane passengers, flight crews, and even astronauts.

They presented the results of a study entitled “Effect of Physical Exhaustion on Basic Parameters of Voice.” Chiara, Daniella, and Raeya during the research and presentation were accompanied by Dr. Rinda Hedwig as Research Interest Group Leader of BINUS Campus Anggrek, and Dr. Savitha Sondhi as MYP Mathematics Teacher at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug.

“I am very grateful that my colleagues and I had the opportunity to present the results of our research in front of scientists and experts in an international arena. This cannot be separated from the guidance of Dr. Rinda and Dr. Savitha so that we can complete this research well,” said Chiara, one of the students who expressed her enthusiasm.

The role of Dr. Savitha Sondhi and Dr. Rinda Hedwig was also important in “flying” the three BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students. For 10 months, they worked together to make this study.

“They will be the first high school students from BINUS to present their research results at an international conference at this level. As a teacher, I am very satisfied to see how they collaborate, teach each other, and consistently deliver high quality results within hours of assignment. They are focused, determined, and try their best to represent BINUS at ICAM22,” explained Dr. Savitha Sondhi.

Dr. Savitha Sondhi wants to continue to play a role in representing BINUS in the field of research and development. For her, research is the foundation of every country’s growth. With this achievement, BINUSIAN will be inspired to explore their potential and expand their knowledge which will later bring great contribution to society.

BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is committed to encouraging its students to explore in their field of interest. One of the forums is to conduct research in order to gain new understanding or development of existing knowledge.