Djournal Coffee and The People's Cafe Open Their Second Outlet in Bandung

ISMAYA Group opened its second branch of The People's Cafe and Djournal Coffee at 23 Paskal Mall Bandung in January 2023, located at the Hejo Lobby.

With the belief that life is too short for a bad coffee, you can enjoy daily Indonesian artisanal coffee fix from 100% local coffee beans, cozy and warm ambiance, and friendly services at Djournal Coffee. The People’s Cafe, with its tagline Jajanan Semua People provides a comfortable spot to enjoy a variety of street food at the convenience of a mall starting from IDR 20,000. Whether you are craving for Mie Goreng Tek-Tek, Ayam Geprek, or blended drinks, Djournal Coffee and The People’s Cafe give you new options of food and beverages that will suit everyone’s palate at affordable prices.

Ayam Geprek TPC

Sarah Merci, Group Marketing Manager, Resto Division at ISMAYA Group said, “We are excited to give more options for hangout spots for the ever-growing culinary sphere in Bandung. We have combined both outlets together as their menus complement one another. In line with the tagline, The People's Cafe food is suitable for everyone that craves their favorite street foods, and Djournal Coffee's beverages would accompany the food.

Constantly bringing the goodness from Indonesian-origin coffee beans to its customers, known as “Djournalists”, Djournal is your go-to coffee shop whenever you need a dose of caffeine. Spanning from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya to Bali, Djournal serves your daily artisan coffee in its 29 outlets, and you can enjoy scrumptious foods from The People’s Cafe at its 24 outlets. Either you want to open your laptop to work or do assignments with your friends, have a quick meal with friends and family, or hang out after work, we provide spots where you can relax and have a good time.”

Mie Judes TPC

Here at Djournal, you can enjoy the best local taste in your coffee and meal. The beans are brewed in various brewing methods, namely espresso based, pour over, and cold drip. Not only serves you with cups of classic caffeinated drinks, Djournal also offers exciting signature Rasa Nusantara, such as Kopi Susu Batavia, Kopi Ube, and Cokelat Batavia to be paired with our delicious pastries, such as the tasty Chicken Rendang Pie, a savory pie with a traditional rendang flavor. You can enjoy Djournal’s menu in a relaxed and down-to-earth atmosphere.

Being recognized as the Best Casual Dining Spot in 2019 by Jakarta’s Best Eats, The People’s Cafe is a comfortable spot for everyone to enjoy global street food. Our street food ranged from Indonesia's favorites such as Ayam Geprek, Nasi Goreng Gila and Crispy Cireng to a trending, viral food like Ayam Cabe Ijo, Seblak Cireng & Mie Pedes Judes.

Seblak Cireng TPC

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The People's Cafe and Djournal Coffee
Hejo Lobby, 23 Paskal Mall Bandung