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Business Initiation Indonesia – for German Companies in the Field of Waste Management and Recycling


As an economically dynamic emerging country, Indonesia's waste management sector still has significant potential for expansion. Waste primarily arrives unsorted and after decades of pure landfilling, the landfills have reached their capacity limits. At the same time, the local recycling industry must import recyclable residual materials (e.g. paper and plastic) to utilize local production capacities.  

German companies have very good opportunities, as the development of efficient collection systems is important. A good indicator of Indonesia's further efforts will be the waste management system that is yet to be set up for the new capital Nusantara. A modern green city is being built east of Kalimantan (Borneo), which will take over Jakarta's capital from August 2024. The contract for the construction of the first plant has already been awarded. The target is a recycling rate of 60%. The remaining 40% is to be used to generate electricity.

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