Tilly Birds is coming for their first solo concert tour series: TILLY BIRDS LIVE IN JAKARTA, on 15 July 2023, 7 PM, at Balai Sarbini Jakarta!

Tilly Birds constantly sweep Thai music charts with their hit releases, such as ‘Same Page’ (181 million views on YouTube, 46 million listeners on Spotify, and covered in the Thai series Bad Buddy), ‘Just Being Friendly’ (179 million views on YouTube, 34 million listeners on Spotify, covered by Korean idol P1Harmony and My School President series cast), ‘Until Then’ (124 million views on YouTube, 25 million listeners on Spotify, covered by numerous artists such as CLC Sorn, Bright Vachirawit, Gulf Kanawut, and many more), and ‘Can’t Keep Up’ which peaked Spotify, Joox, and local radio charts overnight.

Be on the same page with Tilly Birds, and don’t miss out on their first live performance in Jakarta! Purchase your ticket directly at tiket.com now!