Semyon Slepakov World Tour 2023

Cemeh World tour

Producer of Our Russia projects , resident of Comedy Club , regular member of the  Comedy Battle jury , screenwriter of the series Univer, Interns, Sasha Tanya - Semyon Slepakov for the first time in Bali with a big concert program!

He is sure: a person laughs at what actually scares him. Not afraid to joke about what people discuss in whispers in their kitchen.

On January 25, 2023, Semyon Slepakov will take the stage of the INTERNATION CONFERENCE CENTER BALI concert hall to talk about officials, oil, women in a Lexus, Friday and neighbors with an absolutely unflappable face.

The program includes light self-flagellation, incendiary songs in a non-incendiary performance and sincere conversations about everything.

🗓️ January 25


🕖 19:00


 📧  [email protected]

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