Changes in the skin are always caused by internal and external factors, including premature skin aging. Skin aging by internal factors, among others, follows the genetic footprint. If genetically normal, then new signs of aging will occur at the age of 40 years and over. However, stress which is also included in internal factors can be a trigger for premature skin aging. Meanwhile, external factors that cause skin aging are exposure to UV rays, free radicals, and pollution. The fact is skin damage from UV rays and free radicals account for 90% of the early signs of skin aging. The results of a 2012 dermatology study estimated that UV radiation alone contributes to 80% of skin aging and is the most important factor in aging and skin cancer.

“In addition to internal and external factors that cause premature skin aging, collagen is a protein compound in the body that is important in supporting the process of skin regeneration. At the same time, keep the skin supple and free from signs of aging such as fine wrinkles. As we get older, collagen production in the body also decreases. So, the intake of nutritious food is also very important to ensure that the amount of collagen that the body needs is maintained. The selection of skincare and treatment that is appropriate to the type and needs of the skin is also very important to treat daily skin conditions, “explained dr. Norita Sembada, Head of Business Development ERHA.

Teknologi Laser Nd Yag

ERHA believes that everyone has a specific skin condition and is entitled to get healthy skin with the best care. In overcoming the problem of skin aging, ERHA Laser Photorejuvenation therapy available at ERHA Clinic uses the NdYag 1064 nm laser technology that works by producing heat energy that can trigger the improvement of skin structure through the production of new collagen (collagen remodeling), so the skin is more supple and even skin tone. In addition, this therapy is able to improve rough skin texture, overcome fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and other signs of skin aging. So, each ERHA Laser Photorejuvenation treatment session is able to overcome several skin aging problems at once, safely and effectively.

“By implementing a healthy lifestyle, treating skin using the right range of care products and conducting ERHA Laser Photorejuvenation therapy, patients are expected to achieve the best condition of their skin. ERHA Laser Photorejuvenation can be done in ERHA DERMACENTER, ERHA CLINIC and ERHA APOTHECARY branches with a treatment time of about 1 hour without downtime (recovery time) because it is non-ablative (without injury), thereby reducing the side effects on the skin, “said Ferry Budiyanto, Head of ERHA’s Marketing Channel.