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KOIN Café Bogor

NO! not yet another “trend-follower” like the big chains offering you coffee-at-high-speed neither the exclusive establishment thinking that this IS the way the west is enjoying its coffee… Not at all, but a little cozy coffee bar with a relaxing atmosphere, a semi-open concept where freshly brewed coffee is being served.

Nicely worked-out concept by the founder-friends and for sure a place where you can enjoy a nice cup-a-coffee from the preparation (the aroma) to having that last sip managed out of your cup. You are not on for a coffee at the time of the day? Don’t worry since a wide variety of (chilled) soft drinks are also on the menu. Sorry, don’t go there for a five-course dinner (remember that it’s a coffee bar) but for sure the friendly staff will put some “locals” together to still your hunger.

KOIN –deriving from KOpi INdonesia- keeps up to its name and only serves coffee from Indonesian grown beans. The bar is centered in between 2 Bogor tourist attractions, i.e. AIR MANCUR & ISTANA BOGOR, and is situated on the edge of TAMAN PERANGINAN (Wind Garden) which is overlooking the
valley below.

For sure it is worth to take some extra steps to reach the venue instead of having your coffee at the road-side at a kaki-lima or in a more luxurious area in one of the hotel lobby lounges in the proximity… We liked it, just try it out. And almost forgot it: your freshly brewed cup-of-coffee comes at an affordable price. 

The knowledge of English of their staff might cause some hiccups, but be assured that the taste of their coffees speaks a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE…

Address: Jl. Jend. Sudirman Taman Peranginandi seberang Kodim 0606 Bogor

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    Jl. Jend. Sudirman Taman Peranginandi seberang Kodim 0606

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