There has been a digital marketing skill-share conference (DMSS) in Bali for the past 2 years, the attendees are mainly western entrepreneurs who fly to Bali just for this conference.

it’s happening again this November.

I have hosted the event every year and I see all this marketing talent coming to Indonesia and I can’t help thinking… “Where are all the Indonesians?!”

Either Indonesians don’t know about this conference, or maybe they don’t understand the value of digital marketing yet. However, this is great if you are one of the first to know.

Digital marketing in Indonesia

Indonesia is leading in huge areas; economic growth, social media and smartphone use,

However, it is still way behind in terms of using effective digital marketing and online business, and on the positive side, this means that the competition is low!

This is screams ‘opportunity’ for any company, or individual, who puts even a little effort into capitalizing on the online business boom that is starting to take place in Indonesia.

Indonesian businesses are quickly realizing that they are losing sales and market share to their competitors who have the edge on digital marketing.

What I found from speaking to business owners and higher management in Jakarta, is that the problem generally is lack of information, and those who blindly pay agencies to do ‘digital marketing’ are often paying a lot of money for bad service.

That is why it is so important get good information, in the different tools available, new techniques that are working best and understanding the different services and what’s involved.

Why DMSS is the perfect conference for Indonesians

Skill sharing

The conference concentrates on the sharing of knowledge and actively helping each other’s business.

It’s not just about the 40 experts that are on stage, it’s the hundreds of marketers in the audience that collectively have enough knowledge to boost your business and generate more income.

Bring a list of questions or problems, and go home with the solutions, and an even bigger list of actions to beat your competition.

Information other Jakartans won’t have

There are so many good tools and services out there that you don’t know exists, and having so many digital marketers in the same room, and you can ask around what everyone uses, how much they pay for services and get a good understanding of what works and how to use it for your business.

This kind of thing would be an impossible task in Jakarta, in this conference you can get all the information you need.

The Price

DMSS is relatively inexpensive at under $500. It’s also in Indonesia so you don’t need to travel to other countries, and especially expensive places like Singapore where the extra expenses mount up quickly.

To save even more money, use this discount code WNJDMSS to get 10% off your tickets:

The Location

DMSS is held in Bali, not that anyone from Jakarta needs much of an excuse to go to Bali, but this means you can combine business with pleasure, thinking about your new business ideas with your toes in the sand and watching the sunset.

The venue is in the Trans Resort Bali.

Unexpected Extras

There is a variety of mental coaching, and wellness mixed into the weekend, so that you can not only improve your business, you can increase your own performance.

Focus on Skill Sharing

The conference is literally called ‘Digital Marketing Skill Share’ and the ethos of the event is sharing, making connections and helping each-other improve your business, sharing tips on specific marketing techniques and strategies.

You will get ideas and strategies you may never think of, learn tools that will save you time and money, learning from people who have done it before, building connections and friendships that you can call-upon in the future.

The atmosphere at the event is so welcoming, and everyone is open and wanting to help each other. That is what separates DMSS for any other digital marketing event.

Other businesses in Indonesia are not going to get the same information or access to such a range of marketing expertise, it will give you a huge advantage. This digital revolution might be the greatest thing to happen to your business.

Don’t get left behind!

How much are the tickets?

Less than $500, and sometimes there are discounted at the weekends etc.

See DMSS price list for details.

Use the coupon code “WNJDMSS” to save you 10% on the price. Just remember What’s New Jakarta DMSS.

Important Information

Where: The Trans Resort Bali

When: 1st – 4th November

Discount code: WNJDMSS

Website: DMSS.IO

Social media: DMSS Facebook

This article was written by Edward Murray

Presenter and writer for What’s New Indonesia

Host of DMSS

Founder of + Overgame