Wonderments of Ramadan 1444H at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan

RCMK Ramadan

It is the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar and involves more than just fasting from dawn until dusk. At sunset, Muslims look forward to this time of day when everyone gathers for iftar and a hearty meal feast to break their fast, and ultimately a time of gift giving, reuniting, and spending quality time with those they care about. Filled to the brim with seasonal offers and treats of utmost quality, this year’s offers will definitely have cheek-to-cheek grins on anyone’s faces this Ramadan.

RCMK Chef-10

(Offer: Pay 3 Get 4)

This year’s Ramadan style in Asia Restaurant is classic yet contemporary – based on rich heritage of Asian and Mediterranean. Starting from 5.30 pm – 8 pm, their renowned all-day-dining buffet outlet Asia Restaurant is rolling out decadent spread of thematic ‘Nusantara meets Kingdom of Morocco’ buffet, where they will host two guest Chefs all the way from Morocco and each will present a menu and dining experience through the lens of their own cuisine and personal history. They will bring the “best of” Moroccan comfort dishes to the table, but also feature reimagined and reinterpreted creations for limited-time epicurean experiences to all.

RCMK Ramadan

Available daily throughout the month of Ramadan at IDR 498,000++ per guest on week 1 & 4, whereas price starts at IDR 588,000++ per guest on week 2 & 3.

(Early Bird Offer Savings up to 20% until 30 March 2023)

To those who are wanderlust creatures – Lobo & Juno is presenting yet another thematic “Journey to Silk Road” food-stall concept and themed menu, which will embark guests on a gastronomic adventure from South East Asia, Middle-east, Persia, China, India that is unique, innovative and inspiring. Guests can break their fast on a sweet note with the selections of Ta’jil, and make their way around each stall where every dish is brimming with premium ingredients that are specially curated by the team of Lobo & Juno, followed by a wide selection of drinks to wash down your feast with as well.

Lobo & Juno Ramadan

Price starts from IDR 488,000++ per guest on week 1 & 4, whereas price starts at IDR 558,000++ per guest on week 2 & 3. Operational hours starts from 5.30 pm to 8.00pm.

(Early Bird Offer Savings up to 20% until 30 March 2023)

While some may not be able to visit their family and loved ones during Ramadan this year, guests can still send-well wishes and love during this period with The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan’s, Ramadan Heritage Hampers Collection to mark the occasion. The goodies are packed in an eye-catching presentation, filled with traditional and contemporary baked goods that is perfect for gifting this Ramadan and Hari Raya.

RCMK Ramadan Hampers

Starting from IDR 888,000+ per hamper; The ‘Blue Sapphire’ hampers feature Palm sugar cheese cookies, Nastar pineapple rolls, Nougatine cookies, Blueberry almond cookies, and a box of pralines. Whereas their ‘Gold Dome Mosque’; shaped as a dome of a mosque, are carefully packed with Palm sugar cheese cookies, Nastar pineapple rolls, as well as Nougatine cookies.

RCMK Ramadan Hampers

Whether you are visiting or delivering, each hamper also comes with a personalized greeting card, and is designed to leave lasting impressions as it gives the recipients immediate feelings of the holy Ramadan and Raya festivities upon receiving it.

(Early Bird Offer Savings up to 20% until 30 March 2023)

The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan’s special Ramadan Room promotions are available for those who want to indulge in a complete staycation experience during this fasting month, in two package selections: (1) ‘Bed and Breakfast Package’, which starts from IDR 2,500,000++, inclusive of breakfast or sahoor/

On the other hand, their ‘Dine and Stay’ package starts from IDR 2,800,000++, which includes a choice breakfast or sahoor, and additional lunch or breakfasting at their all-day-dining buffet Asia Restaurant. Available throughout the month of Ramadan until 21 April 2023.