First Holy Ramadan Celebration at Sari Pacific Jakarta, Autograph Collection

Sari Pacific Jakarta Ramadan

Welcoming the celebration of Ramadan for the first time in 2023, Sari Pacific Jakarta, Autograph Collection combines unique rituals from the Middle East.

The magnificent and sparkling gate typical of Middle Eastern empires is presented to give a warm impression to guests who have just arrived in the Porte Cochere area. The guests will be entertained with Middle Eastern dances such as Tanoura, Sufi Whirling, Zapin and Al-Ardah which are spectacular ritual performances and bring the atmosphere of Ramadan to a higher level.

Various comforts and pleasures are also offered by Sari Pacific Jakarta, Autograph Collection for the guests who stay. Starting at IDR 1,280,000++, guests can rest in a peaceful sacred atmosphere in an elegantly designed room.

THE HOLY BLESSING Iftar Buffet is also served for visiting guests. Starting at IDR 300,000++ per person, guests can enjoy delicious Middle Eastern menus such as Lamb Ozi, Tulang Sum Sum, Nasi Mandi, Chicken Shawarma with Pita Bread, Takjil, Martabak, Es Campur and other unique menus such as durian.

Hampers Ramadan with a wide selection of cookies from Sari Delicatessen are packaged in luxury with packages shaped like mosques and domes. Guests can choose from six different types of hampers starting from IDR 388,000++.

Sari Pacific Jakarta Hampers

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