JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta presents Opulent Lunar New Year Hampers & Goodies

JW Marriott Jakarta

Listed by the local Chinese community as one of Lunar New Year go-to five-star hotels in town, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta presents exclusive Lunar New Year Hampers and Goodies every year during the second biggest new year celebration in the world.   

Pearl Chinese Restaurant presents Nian Gao’, a glutinous rice cake believed to bring good luck, longevity, peace and prosperity to those who savor it during the Lunar New Year celebration. Pearl brings such a perfect gift for family, friends and colleagues made from  premium ingredients, such as fresh Brown Sugar, Coconut Milk & White Sugar, and also Vegetarian-friendly. Crafted in Koi fish shape, where guests can impress their dearly beloved family and colleagues with a lavishly packaged traditional Lunar gift. Available in three (3) different flavors and various sizes:   

  • Traditional Koi Fish

IDR 498,000+ (single large) IDR 458,000+ (twin small)

  • Coconut milk Koi Fish

IDR 498,000+ (single large) IDR 458,000+ (twin small)

  • Classic Layer Cake

IDR 628,000+ 

  • Bespoke Signature Hampers (Limited edition)

IDR 2,638,888+

JW Marriot Jakarta

Yee Sang to You

As a time-honored tradition, for guests who prefer to enjoy the Lunar New Year in the comfort of their home, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta has prepared ‘Yee Sang to You’ for delivery service, with available packages:

  • SALMON IDR 738,000+ Large (8-10 guests)

       IDR 538,000+ Small (2-4 guests)

  • LOBSTER IDR 838,000+ Large (8-10 guests)

       IDR 638,000+ Small (2-4 guests)

  • ABALONE IDR 1,238,000+ Large (8-10 guests)

       IDR 1,038,000+ Small (2-4 guests)

JW Marriot Jakarta

Lunar Cake

Wish your loved ones good luck in the Year of the Rabbit with our exclusive Lunar Cake. Made with premium white chocolate raspberry mousse, filled with delicious orange jelly and covered with a smooth silky

Chinese-themed glaze. Priced at IDR 580,000++ (16 cm). Or guests may also opt for the irresistible fondant-covered orange cupcakes to give to loved ones, priced at IDR 48,000++ per piece.

For further information or reservation, please contact Festive Desk (021) 5798 8888 or WhatsApp to 0811 5886 111 or 0811 9610 0137.

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