Rupa Rasa at Hilton Bandung


To welcome the holy month of Ramadan, 4 Hilton hotels in Indonesia work together to create a unique iftar session with the best Indonesian flavors. Presenting 4 reliable chefs from Conrad Bali, Hilton Bandung, DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro, and DoubleTree Surabaya who will present authentic recipes from each region with various background stories behind the dishes.

Guests will be invited directly to enjoy a sumptuous buffet in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Bandung with a wide selection of special dishes prepared by each chef during Ramadan. The 4 chefs will be rotated in 4 different cities and will feature several excellent dishes inspired by each chef's personal experience. They will bring stories from their hometown to the guest table.

In addition, Hilton Bandung will present a special menu from the city of Bandung, which will be presented by our Sous Chef, Asep Ramdani. Bandung's culinary delights became one of his inspirations to pursue a career as a chef. What will be presented will also present a lot of memories. In another section, Hilton Bandung will serve main dishes, such as all you can eat durian, kebabs, Jimbaran seafood, Sulawesi bamboo chicken, roasted goat, grilled konro, Nusantara satay, and ice cream kebabs.

This event will be held at Purnawarman restaurant and Purnawarman garden with a maximum capacity of 130 people. As a sign, Hilton Bandung will decorate the lobby with a Javanese theme, adding a gazebo or called "joglo" at the main entrance and "Gebyok" in front of the restaurant. In addition, batik and lanterns will decorate the atmosphere in the restaurant.

Ramadan is the most awaited moment of the year, with this Hilton wants to offer unforgettable gathering moments with loved ones. Hilton wants to show a more meaningful experience for guests, especially when it comes to food. These authentic foods will bring back a million memories and make the experience of fasting enjoyable.

Iftar Buffet – Fulltime Restaurant, Hilton Bandung
Special Price, Starting from
Adult : IDR 359,000 +**
*Terms and Conditions apply
*Beverage packages available

Meet Chefs from other Hilton hotel properties and taste the special dishes they bring according to the schedule below.

First week:
West Javanese Cuisine from Chef Asep Ramdani, Hilton Bandung

Second week:
Balinese dishes with recipes from Chef Ketut Sudarsana, Conrard Bali

Third week:
Various foods from East Java from Chef Shandi Wiratama, DoubleTree by Hilton Surabaya

Fourth week:
A Betawi-style dish from Chef Andri Setiawan, DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro

For information and reservations, please contact:
T: +62 811-2281-335, mail to: [email protected] or dm us @hiltonbandung

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