Rindu Ramadan at Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur


Ramadan is the month awaited by Muslims around the world. Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur always wants to share meaning and happiness with pleasure with you, especially in this month full of blessings so that we are ready to welcome back the day of victory with joy and a natural heart.

During the month of Ramadan, Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur will serve 308 iftar dishes with delicious flavors and can be enjoyed as much as you like, starting from takjil, various sweet porridge, various ices, various pickles and sweets, various pempek, fried foods, Middle Eastern dishes such as Turkish kebabs. We serve Dim Sum, Sushi, Latino Food, Main Dishes, to Traditional Food and Bandung Snacks.

Iftar Dinner "Rindu Ramadhan" is priced at Rp. 208,000 net per person and Rp. 138,000 net per child for ages 6 – 12 years. Enjoy early bird offers for only Rp. 188,000 nett per person by making a reservation before March 20, 2023 and only valid for breaking the fast on day 1 to day 7 and enjoy a 10% + 10% discount promo only by using a credit card or Bank Mandiri Debit and don't forget to follow Instagram we are @holidayinnbandungpasteur. Get a chance to win various attractive prizes. Enjoy "Rindu Ramadhan" during the month of Ramadan from 17.30 to 20.30 WIB only at Empire Terrace.

For further information and reservations, please visit Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur, Jalan Dr. Djundjunan No. 96 Bandung, or via telephone number 022-2060123 or via WhatsApp message at 0878 1100 7999.

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur
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