Ramadan Promos at The Gaia Hotel Bandung


The Holy Month of Ramadan is usually used as a moment to gather with family or loved ones, and breakfasting is one of the right times to be bonding together. The tradition of breaking the fast together is carried out in a dining area or restaurant with a variety of foods offered as well as decorations so that the moment of breakfasting together becomes more memorable.

In this meaningful month of Ramadan, The Gaia Hotel Bandung, at the Gaia Semeja Asian Kitchen restaurant, presents an all-you-can-eat buffet with the theme 100 Takjil. By highlighting dishes that taste typical of the Archipelago as well as the Middle East, Gaia Semeja Asian Kitchen can be one of the culinary destinations that must be tried during the month of Ramadan to break the fast with family, colleagues or friends.

In accordance with the theme of breakfasting this time, namely 100 takjil, there are 100 takjil that have been prepared by the culinary team of The Gaia Hotel Bandung. This time the iftar dishes focus on providing aroma and taste from dishes rich in Indonesian spices such as Loncat Meatballs, Sambal Bakar dishes with Gongso Duck, Spiced Chicken, Sate Campur 'pelecing', to the signature menu, namely flying lamb where whole lamb is cooked It goes through a 6-8 hour smoking process so that it produces a distinctive aroma and is very tender, which is perfect for serving when breaking the fast. Of course, there are unique main dishes that are also displayed, namely special menus from the Middle East such as Hummus, Babaganoush, Taboulleh, Shawarma, Kebuli Rice with Lamb, the unique aroma of spices from Biryani Rice, Butter Chicken and Lamb Curry.

Apart from that, the Pastry Chef from The Gaia Hotel Bandung also presented special Ramadhan dishes from Indonesia such as Martabak Tape Ketan, Kelepon and did not forget Middle Eastern menus such as baklava, umm ali, babousa and also some classic French pastry dishes. In addition to Indonesian and Middle Eastern dishes, Gaia Semeja Asian Kitchen also features several signature menus, such as Izakaya Style Skewers, Ramen, Tempura, Comfort Noodle Station, Roasted Prime Beef Ribs and Fresh Baked Neapolitan Style Pizza. The all-you-can-eat buffet package can be enjoyed at a price of IDR 448,000 nett/person which will start from 23 March 2023 to the last day of fasting with a 30% promo specifically for the first and last week of the fasting month.

There are also hampers that can be given to the closest people with prices starting from IDR 395,000 Nett / Box. Not only that, especially during the month of Ramadan, The Gaia Hotel Bandung provides special prices for Deluxe room packages with prices starting from IDR 2,380,000 Nett / Room / Night. This package includes breakfast / sahur and of course dinner / breaking the fast. fasting '100 Takjil' at Gaia Semeja Asian Kitchen for 2 people.

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