Iftar with a European Vibes at G.H. Universal Hotel Bandung


The month of Ramadan is the month that Muslims around the world have been waiting for, one of the moments they miss is the moment of breaking the fast, G. H. Universal Hotel Bandung offers an iftar package together with the theme "Ramadan Together", starting from 26 March - 20 April 2023, With a selection of special menus ranging from Indonesian, Asian to European menus, there are also various kinds of special Ramadan menus, namely takjil to various stalls that will be served from 18.00 to 21.00 WIB.

You can enjoy all of these iftar packages at a price of IDR 250,000 nett per person, with a special menu of dishes originating from Indonesia, Asia and Europe, from chicken noodles, sushi to roasted chicken served in several stalls that add variety and a distinctive taste. It's not enough that guests also have the opportunity to win Grand Prizes vouchers to stay.

The typical European building concept of G.H Universal Hotel Bandung makes guests use it to capture the moment of togetherness to take pictures in several corners of the hotel while waiting for the time to break the fast.

Apart from the iftar package, we also have Eid Gift Idea Packages offered from GH Delivery with several favorite items, namely various kinds of cakes such as Nastar Cheese Cake, Assorted Cake and various types of special Eid preparations such as Ketupat Lebaran, European menus such as Beef Wellington, to various kinds Pudding starts from IDR 190,000 nett.

For further information about various kinds of promos, you can access it through the official website of G.H Universal Hotel: www.ghuniversal.com, Direct call: +62 22 2010 388, Whats app: 0899 2221 888, You can also follow the official Twitter account @GHUnivesalHtl and instagram account and also tiktok @ghuniversalhotel

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