An Interactive Japanese Cooking Class at Kojin


Kojin Teppanyaki and Omakasae Restaurant, which is recognized as one of the best restaurant in Ubud is situated in the middle of Ubud Valley. Come as certainly an experience — Kojin is filled with entertainment, great views, and authentic Japanese food. This is complemented by the drinks menu too, offering an extensive range of traditional Japanese sake and shochu, classic and signature cocktails, wine by the glass and by the bottle, as well as premium spirits.

This restaurant comes with wood-lined walls and earth-toned tones to create a modern Japanese 'zen' ambiance that complements the resort's surroundings nicely. Two distinct Japanese dining experiences: Teppanyaki and Omakase.

If you are hoping to get on the other side of the grill and learn a few of those Japanese cooking skills, Kojin offers a Teppanyaki Cooking Class. This cooking class of Kojin is an interactive, educational but highly entertaining cooking class that gives you both theoretical and practical knowledge. 

You will learn how to cook on a Japanese teppan grill and uncover the secrets of preparing delectable foods while soaking in the magnificent scenery. The skilled chefs will walk you through every step of the process, teaching you the art of teppanyaki grilling and providing exclusive tips and techniques. From sizzling steaks to relishing seafood, you'll learn how to cook a variety of tasty, healthful, and delectable foods. You will not only learn to cook like a master, but you will also get to eat the food at the conclusion of the lesson. 

There are two options for The Teppanyaki Cooking Class at Kojin. Silver and Gold Packages. The Silver Package costs 300K++/2 pax, whereas The Gold Package costs 400K++/2 pax. Both packages feature a hands-on cooking session with a professional chef who will guide guests through the process of creating traditional Japanese cuisine. You will also be given all of the essential materials and cooking equipment.

It will come with Black Paper Tofu Steak, Garlic Rice, and Chicken Teriyaki in a Silver Package. The Gold Package will include a Japanese Mushroom Salad, Salmon Fried Rice, and Salmon Teriyaki. This package is for a minimum of two persons. 

You will get a certificate to mark your experience at the end of the Teppanyaki Cooking Class. This is an excellent chance to impress friends and family by showing your ability to cook traditional Japanese foods.

So, if you are eager to learn interactive Japanese cooking skills, try Teppanyaki Cooking Class at Kojin Bali that located inside Aksari Resort Ubud, llocated in Jl. Raya Desa Kenderan No. 88x Ubud - Bali. To book your spot, you can DM Kojin Teppanyaki & Omakase Restaurant on Instagram @kojinbali or reach the restaurant here