Commemorating International Cancer Day which falls on February 4, IUIGA collaborates with the Pita Kuning Foundation to help younger cancer sufferers. In this collaboration, IUIGA set aside 10% of IUIGA’s sales turnover both online and in outlets to help younger siblings with cancer. This program has been running for seven days, starting from 31 January to 6 February 2020.

IUIGA wants to increase consumer awareness of younger siblings with cancer who are greatly affected by the pandemic. Children with cancer have low immunity and chemotherapy makes them more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. So that children with cancer are advised to postpone intensive chemotherapy so that their immune system does not decrease. Another obstacle is the limited stock of chemotherapy drugs and the decreasing number of blood donors.

“We are aware that this pandemic has a very big effect on all parties, especially for children with cancer. We think this is the right moment to invite IUIGA consumers to care about the condition of our younger siblings who are fighting cancer. February is usually known only as the day of love, even though this month we also celebrate world cancer day. Therefore, IUIGA decided to set aside 10% of IUIGA’s sales turnover to be distributed to children with cancer through the Yellow Ribbon, “said William Firman, Managing Director of IUIGA Indonesia.

IUIGA chose Pita Kuning as an active foundation to carry out palliative care to help younger children with cancer since April 2007. The number of younger siblings with cancer in Pita Kuning is 30 people with different disease focuses. With a focus on improving the quality of life of children with cancer from underprivileged families, Pita Kuning not only distributed donations but also assisted children with cancer.

“We are very grateful for this collaboration, because this pandemic has a huge effect on Pita Kuning’s foster siblings. With the activities we carry out with IUIGA, I hope that it will raise concern for our foster siblings. I am also very happy that IUIGA is willing to work with us to realize our vision of improving the quality of life for children with cancer. Not only by distributing funds but also providing educational, psychological and spiritual assistance. The letters sent back to younger siblings with cancer are also expected to encourage them to fight through the pandemic, “said Raka Eka Pramudito, Chairman of Pita Kuning.

The purpose of this campaign is also to provide education about the experiences of children with cancer under the Yellow Ribbon. Every purchase of goods at IUIGA, both online and offline, consumers will receive 2 postcards. On the first card, consumers will get a story from Anak Pita Kuning and consumers can reply to encouragement by using the second card. Currently, 412 card packages have been sent to IUIGA customers during the campaign period.

“We are very grateful for the very high enthusiasm from loyal customers of IUIGA with this campaign. This can be seen from the number of letters sent back to the Pita Kuning brothers. In the future, we will continue to be committed to improving the quality of life of many people through other IUIGA programs, “William concluded.