As part of commemorating the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, 5 of the best students from Indonesia represented Indonesia at the world-class event, the 2022 Worlds Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) in the Netherlands.

The international high school debate championship held online from 7 to 16 August 2022. They are Collin Marvel Junus, Jakarta Intercultural School student, Shafira Novianti Adi Dwi Putri, Surabaya Intercultural School student, Bonfillio Dazzle Valeriano Gyula, ACS Jakarta High School student, Aurellia Sherlina Siswanto, student of SMAN 1 Mataram, and Rico Chandra, student of Bina Bangsa School PIK. Jakarta.

Pusat Prestasi Nasional (National Achievement Center) representative Asep Sukmayadi said the five students sent were the best students who had passed a series of selections. “We send the five best students who have passed a series of selections. This event is also a prestigious event at the world level. Prove that in this month of independence, the Indonesian team is able to give their best,” said Asep Sukmayadi.

The WSDC is a worldwide English-language high school debate championship that has been held since 1988. This championship features many teams facing each other to debate social, moral, and political issues.

“The purpose of holding this event is to achieve excellence in debate, encourage debate around the world, promote international understanding, and promote free speech. The WSDC 2022 competition will be participated by 64 countries,” said Collin.

Interestingly, this activity became an inspiration for Collin and students in Indonesia. “The basis of knowledge is curiosity. The pinnacle of knowledge is not knowing,” he said.

He explained that the Indonesian team gathered in Yogyakarta to take part in the WSDC 2022 online.

The participants went through several stages starting from the preliminary round, partial-double octos, octofinals, quarterfinals, semi-finals, to the grand final. In addition to the winners, special awards are given by WSDC every year to the best performing English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL) teams.

“The Indonesian team entered the Octofinals,” said Collin Marvel Junus. Collin explained that the Indonesian student team was included in the top 16 countries. And, he continued, breaking as Team 10 in the Eastern Division.