To fight with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, individuals to big companies here are taking initiatives to help by opening any kind of charity programs. Here are some of the massive and trusted programs you can participate in and of course, without leaving your house.


As the biggest fundraising online platform in Indonesia, there are several programs in to fight the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. One of them is #SalingJaga Hadapi Corona to help low-income families and laborers affected by COVID-19. This program is targeting IDR 3 Billion and will be distributed by Gusdurian & Gerakan Islam Cinta to the points of need. Another massive program is initiated by the Indonesian musicians called Konser Musik #DiRumahAja: Solidaritas Lawan Corona. The program is targeting IDR 15 Billion to be distributed in many forms to the most vulnerable groups, mostly medical personnel and low-income communities that still have to work out of the home.

Go visit for more programs.


DANA digital wallet invites its users to be increasingly concerned about the importance of protecting themselves and the environment in order to help anticipate the spread of the COVID-19. DANA presents Siap Siaga COVID-19 which is a mini-program in the DANA application There are various features in it, such as updates on COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, diagnosis independently, and direct donations through DANA which is a collaboration with Kitabisa.

For more information, visit

3. GoGive

Gojek Indonesia is also taking the initiative to fight the COVID-19 in Indonesia. If you’re already the Gojek users, you can directly go to the GoGive program available in the app and give your donation using GoPay. Or, you can also donate via by visiting its website. This program is targeting IDR 20 Billion and will be distributed in many forms across Indonesia, such as vitamins, medical devices, masks, and more.

Download the app on App Store or Google Play.

4. Rumah Zakat

Rumah Zakat, another big fundraising online platform in Indonesia is also opening a program to fight COVID-19. This program is to help hospitals, especially the medical staff. Targeting IDR 1 Billion, Rumah Zakat will distribute the donation in the forms of PPE suits and other medical needs to hospitals in need across Indonesia.

Go to this link to start donating.

5. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)

ACT will provide assistance in the form of free food operations, medical support, mobile health checks, and hygiene kits. ACT will also conduct medical actions ranging from education, distribution of medical devices, to preventive actions to minimize or even overcome the problem of this Coronavirus outbreak. This program is in collaboration with Indonesia Dermawan ID where you can go to this link to donate.

6. Pikobar

After releasing the website some time ago, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil launched the application version of PIKOBAR (COVID-19 West Java Information and Coordination Center). Through this platform, you can also participate in a open donation or fundraising. The donation will be allocated to several points and in many forms as well to fight the COVID-19 especially in the West Java area. Download the app on Google Play.

7. Indorelawan

Let’s #BersatuLawanCorona to help small communities by donating through Indorelawan. Donations collected will be allocated to buy food packages, supplements, and soap. Indorelawan will also work with communities to distribute these goods to 9 regional points in Indonesia. To donate, please go to this link or


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