To commemorate Indonesian Independence Day with a mission to raise the spirit of culture and love for the homeland for the younger generation of Indonesia, Djournal Coffee with Swara Gembira, a youth movement community present unique coffee. On this occasion, Djournal Coffee introduces 7 new drink variants of Nusa Rasa Oat Series, which consists of 6 variants of milk coffee and 1 delightful Sumba chocolate drink. The Nusa Rasa Oat Series is inspired by the diversity of Indonesian wastra or fabrics, especially the Indonesian fabric pattern that combines purple, green, brown, and white as the main patterns.

The seven variants of the Nusa Rasa Oat Series consist of Cinnamon Shaken Oat, Klepon Oat Macchiato, Sari Kaya Oat Latte, Batavia Oat Espresso, Sweet Potato Oat Latte, Pandan Batavia Oat Latte, and Cocoa Oatmilk which is made from Sumba chocolate.

“In the spirit of Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day, we are proud of the launch of the Nusa Rasa Oat Series as a result of collaboration with Swara Gembira who had one visit with us to be creative and appreciate the culture of the archipelago,” said Rena Andriyani, Assistant Marketing Manager of Djounal Kopi.

Since its inception, Djournal Coffee is committed to continuing to meet the needs of cafes for coffee lovers by serving the best curation of Indonesian flavors and presenting 100% authentic Indonesian blended coffee.

Sendy Djaja as Research & Development Manager of Djournal Coffee also added, “Together with Swara Gembira, we want to inspire the younger generations to be proud in using and consuming products from their own country. Through the Nusa Rasa Oat Series, we interpret the beauty of the colorful fabrics of the archipelago introduced by Swara Gembira, into our drinks. Ubi Ungu Oat Latte, for example, is a blend of local coffee beans with a purple sweet potato flavor to create a natural color similar to Mega Mendung fabric from Cirebon. Using 100% Indonesian coffee beans, with a combination of 70% Toraja and 30% % Mandailing, Nusa Rasa comes with a variety of flavors that are ready to spoil our taste palette.”

Swara Gembira welcomed the collaboration with Djournal Coffee in Nusa Rasa to reach more youngsters and show that the spirit of Indonesian culture is not only formal but flexible and can be done in daily activities,” said Rifan Rahman as President Director of Swara Gembira.

All variants of the Nusa Rasa Oat Series are available at all Djounal Coffee outlets in Indonesia from 8 August to the end of September 2022 at affordable prices starting from IDR 35,000 per glass.