PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta, a company that specializes in fire trucks and fire safety equipment, established in 1996 celebrated its 25 years of success as a leading local brand with international standards and reputable certifications. 

From its Central Jakarta office and a 30,000 square meters’ assembling  manufacturer and production plant located at Gunung Putri, Bogor in West Java, PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta and its brand named Ayaxx highlighting a “Serving with Quality & Quality” mission where multi-function trucks are produced through advance technology process using automatic machines and robots, resulting in a detailed precision and guarantee a quality assurance.

Fire truck category utilizes pump equipment from WS. Darley & Co. – that has the standard of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1901 and certified ISO 9001:2015 issued by UL (Underwriters Laboratory Inc.), which is a global independent safety specialist company with over a century international reputation in innovation safety solutions.

Several series of Ayaxx products are ranging from Fire Trucks type JA 3,000/4,000L, JA 5,000/6,000L, JA 10,000/12,000L, Rescue Truck, Ambulance, Hot Flushing Oil/Sludge, Vacuum Truck, Towing Truck, Mining Field Fire Service, Fire Jeep, Sky Lift to Dry Chemical Trailer, Fire Ladder, Airport Crash Tender and many more. Ayaxx offers excellence quality for its customers in each category with the best fire pump following the NFPA standard qualifications, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 management system and IATF (International Automotive Task Force) 16949 automotive quality management. Added to that are oven painting technology, electrostatic painting, robotic welding technology and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) computerized machines, as well as through computerized digital propeller shaft stabilizer, speed roller test and stability test.  

Year by year,  increments on demand for fire trucks and fire safety equipment by corporations and government entities at central and regional areas all over Indonesia are rising significantly. Mostly, it is being used to overcome mass riots other than fire incidents or safety measures that must be complied by corporations and building management. As of 2020, PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta has produced more than 2,000 units of Fire Trucks. All achievements and processes has encouraged PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta to continuously develop other lines of business as a one-stop solution for its customers, namely as the sole agent in Indonesia for pump products and fire safety from WS. Darley & Co., providing wide range of Fire Rescue Equipment from extinguisher to personnel needs such as fireman jacket set, aluminium based suits to Fire Alarm and Hydrant system.  

The strategic location of production plant with large size of area has been very advantageous for the company and also for its customers, offering customers with complete range of after sales service, including providing guaranteed spare parts from truck units and fire extinguisher pumps, as well as providing infrastructure in the plant specifically designed for truck units and personnel training.

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Ayaxx – PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta

Head Office:

Jl. Letjen. Suprapto No. 22A-22B

Jakarta Pusat


Jl. Pancasila IV Kav. S-81

Cicadas, Gunung Putri, Bogor, Jawa Barat

Phone: +6221 42886070

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