Indonesian Ecotourism and Voluntourism

Travelers who feel responsible for ensuring their trips do not harm their destination’s people, environment, or economy are traveling by strict ecotourism codes, where tourists seek to preserve the natural environments they visit

8 Top Reasons to Visit North Sumatra

The province of North Sumatera is home to many of Sumatra’s most popular attractions, including the magnificent Danau Toba, the


Expats moving to Jakarta will find themselves amidst a vibrant, sprawling and densely populated metropolitan and just like every other city, Jakarta has its strengths and weaknesses.

Jakarta New Tables January 2020

Welcoming the new year 2020, we're also ready to welcome the new dining places in town. From cafe, restaurant, to

6 Best Rooftop Spots in Surabaya

Surabaya is one of Indonesia’s budding metropolitans, decorated in vibrant city lights and emerging skyscrapers. Your visit to the city

Jakarta Christmas Cocktail Specials

As Jakarta closes in on Christmas cheer at the end of the year, we can all look forward to the beautiful decorations, the delicious feasts, the festive celebrations, and, most of all, the Christmas cocktail specials that pop around various outlets around the city.
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