Ultimate lifestyle guide to Jakarta, Bali and Bandung Indonesia. Featuring upcoming designers, boutique shops, fashion events and many more in the city.

Dremel 4000 & 4200 Rotary Tools – Which One is Best?

Dremel tools are handy and very user-friendly.  They can be used for numerous applications including engraving designs in metal, as well as sanding and grinding, etching and drilling.


We speak to Stephanie Hoo, a Clinical Aromatherapist, Clinical Biotherapist, Integrative Plant-Based Nutrition Coach, Lifestyle Medicine Coach and Founder of A Gracious Life – an all-round lifestyle guide and a holistic approach to wellness – on the ways to empower our lives with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthier and happier life, naturally

5 Eco-Conscious Hotels in Indonesia

It is no secret that our earth is crying for help and it is the responsibility of the entire society,
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