Ultimate lifestyle guide to Jakarta, Bali and Bandung Indonesia. Featuring upcoming designers, boutique shops, fashion events and many more in the city.

The Nation’s Alternative Medicine

While the quality of modern medicine in Indonesia has improved drastically over the years, a majority of locals are still

Dremel 4000 & 4200 Rotary Tools – Which One is Best?

Dremel tools are handy and very user-friendly.  They can be used for numerous applications including engraving designs in metal, as well as sanding and grinding, etching and drilling.


We speak to Stephanie Hoo, a Clinical Aromatherapist, Clinical Biotherapist, Integrative Plant-Based Nutrition Coach, Lifestyle Medicine Coach and Founder of A Gracious Life – an all-round lifestyle guide and a holistic approach to wellness – on the ways to empower our lives with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthier and happier life, naturally
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