Carys Cares’ main goal is always eager and passionate to raise awareness through creativity empowerment for children and teenagers with Down syndrome. With a big honor, Carys Mihardja (17) with her Carys Cares initiative once again awarded an international and prestigious award, The Diana Award 2021.

The Diana Award was established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. The Diana Award is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9-25 years can receive for their social action or humanitarian work. Specifically, these young people do not work towards the awards, they do it all with their passion to demonstrate and implement their suitability through their actions without any expectation of reward.

The Diana Award first awarded in 1999 by the British Government who wanted to continue Princess Diana’s legacy by establishing a formal way to recognize young people who were going above and beyond the expected in their local communities. The mission is to develop and inspire positive change in the future of young people.

Nominators are usually asked to submit their body of work or project with five key criteria, designed to demonstrate the nominee’s impact on society as well as their own service journey. These criteria are vision, social impact, youth-led, service journey, and how they inspiring others. On receiving the award, young people are given access to a unique development program that aims to further increase their already proven capacity for innovation, leadership, and social change, through access to resources, opportunities, and training, both face to face and online.

The 1st of July marks Diana, Princess of Wales’ birthday hence the awards recipients are being announced annually by the end of June. Just like this year, a virtual award ceremony was being held on 28 June 2021.

Carys Cares also took this opportunity to announce the launch of the new creations of merchandise by Carys Cares from the magical hands of our friends with Down syndrome – extraordinary children with extraordinary talents. Carys Cares is focusing on the ‘painting’ talent from these special children and teenagers. From their beautiful paintings, they transform them into high-quality merchandise such as tote bags, notebooks, ceramic mugs, and other lifestyle products. These new merchandises are available at Sogo Department Store, Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta.

All profits from the sales of the merchandise will be donated to help individuals with Down syndrome through the big help from POTADS (Persatuan Orang Tua Dengan Down Syndrome) foundation. Since day one, Carys has been worked passionately with POTADS Indonesia. A foundation for parents with Down syndrome children where the special talents of these children can be nurtured and empowered in the foundation’s Rumah Ceria. The donation is to help the basic needs of the low-income family with Down syndrome children, to pay for therapy and the very crucial thing is to support the Down syndrome awareness, showing that Down syndrome is not contagious but our ignorance is.

For further information, please visit Carys Cares on Instagram: @carys.cares