The online generation has a different perspective on car ownership and how to buy it. According to a survey from Google and TNS, 67% of the online generation searched for complete information about a vehicle online before deciding to buy. So when they get to the dealership, they often already know the vehicle they want to buy. CARRO, Southeast Asia’s largest used car buying and selling portal understands what the online generation wants when buying a car. Through the CARRO online portal, buying a used car is as easy as shopping for clothes.

“It is very important to provide complete car information for consumers online. Unlike previous generations where friends and family greatly influenced their purchasing decisions, today the internet plays a more influential role in the car buying process. Through CARRO, cars can be checked without touch, because we provide all the information consumers need online, from pricing information and payment options to car features and complete history,” said Aditya Lesmana, Co-founder of CARRO.

CARRO has collaborated through an exclusive partnership with multi-financing partners to offer flexible financing options where consumers can pay online through more than 50 financing options. CARRO is also partnering with Tokopedia to offer an advanced payment option through Tokopedia and provide additional credit the buyers can use. Even when buying on credit or cash, the consumer pays the same amount – no hidden costs.

CARRO also understands that the online generation does not like complicated processes when buying a car. They are even willing to pay more for a high-quality, ready-to-use used car than a cheap used car that requires extra refurbishment. The online generation can ensure that they buy used cars from the best places in Indonesia, just as CARRO applies 5S standards: safety, savings, standardization, super quality, and style to help customers get the best used car. To meet CARRO’s stringent requirements, all cars sold must pass a thorough 150 inspection points. All cars are guaranteed to be flood-free, accident-free, not stolen, no damage due to water or fire, original odometer, and complete service history and documents.

The online generation also wants a car that is connected and equipped with cutting edge technology. This is why CARRO is introducing the CARRO app (available in 2021) for consumers, and equipping its used cars with the technology needed to increase comfort and usability. With the CARRO app, the online generation can easily monitor their car usage and check maintenance schedules. They can also activate the innovative lock and unlock remote device, to lock and unlock car doors with just one tap on the CARRO app.

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