The policy to implement the learning system digitally is considered to be very important in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus. According to WHO reports and real-time data in March, cases of coronavirus reached 209 839 people. As a response to this problem, Cakap, as one of the ed-tech providers in Indonesia, expressed its readiness to provide an online platform as an alternative for teaching and learning activities in Indonesia.

By using two-way interaction methods, Cakap developed a solution for service in education or commonly known Education As A Service (EAAS). “Health must be prioritized amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the technology in the field of education that we have developed, we hoped that we are able to help teaching and learning activities safely through long-distance learning. We are ready to help the government, educational institutions, and also the people of Indonesia to fight COVID-19 by providing the technology and access to learning online, ” said Tomy Yunus, CEO of Cakap.

In order to help students to #LearnAtHome (#BelajarDiRumah) Cakap is teaming up with Telkomsel to provide data packages that offer free access to various e-learning applications called Ilmupedia Free Access 30G. This package can be used for 30 days with a 30GB internet quota. Cakap also offers free of charge English Learning through Cakap Club for all hoteliers that affected during this outbreak! This product brings up “Hospitality Topic” which highly suitable for hoteliers.

According to the United Nations, 22 countries have imposed or planned to close schools, halting teaching and learning activities. More than 290 million students worldwide will be affected by the policy. Countries such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, China, Italy, and 10 other countries have closed their school on a national scale. The impact of the spread of coronavirus was also experienced by one of the Mandarin Language teachers in Cakap who lives in Chongqing, China. With all the limitations that occur, various methods are used to continue daily activities. One of them is by utilizing technology. “Technology and the internet helped me to be able to continue teaching by face-to-face with my students, without having to leave home,” said Sarah Shen, a Master’s graduate from Beijing Language Culture University, while closing her explanation via teleconference.

About Cakap

Cakap is a startup company that develops online language learning applications with two-way interaction between students and professional teachers through video calls and text conversations. Cakap available on Google Play and the App Store to reach different student segments because everyone has the right to quality education anytime and anywhere. Aside from foreign language learning, Cakap also provides the program “Education As A Service” for several educational institutes and government under Squline.