Several villages in Indonesia are designated to welcome tourism where each of the villages offers its own uniqueness. Attracting both local and foreign tourists, some of the tourist villages in Indonesia are continuously being developed by the government as well. Traveling to these villages, we’re not only experiencing an exceptional journey. But we can also take part in advancing the tourism and economy of the local community.

Here are our list of best villages to visit in Indonesia.

1. Pujon Kidul, Malang

The main purpose of developing Pujon Kidul Tourism Village is to offer an educational tool for the community. In Pujon Kidul Tourism Village, tourists are able to do a variety of fun activities close to nature, such as picking vegetables, processing milk, horse riding, outbound rides, waterfalls, and other natural attractions. This village is located on a beautiful plateau, surrounded by cool air and breathtaking, well-preserved nature. Besides excelling in agriculture and animal husbandry, tourists will also be presented with beautiful rural panoramas.

Location: Pujon, Malang, Jawa Timur

2. Waturaka, Ende

Waturaka Village is located not far from the famous Lake Kelimutu area. The potential of horticultural agriculture, panoramic views of natural beauty that spoil the eyes, clean and cool air, as well as sacred and noble cultural wisdom values make Waturaka Village continues to grow as one of the most favorite tourist villages in Indonesia. Visiting the village, tourists are able to stay at the resident’s house and experience charming village life.

Location: Nuamuri Barat, Kelimutu, Ende, Nusa Tenggara Timur

3. Penglipuran, Bali

This village is well-known as one of the tourist destinations in Bali because the people still carry out and preserve Balinese traditional culture in their daily lives. The architecture of buildings and land management still follows the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the philosophy of Balinese society regarding the balance of the relationship between God, humans and the environment. They succeeded in building tourism that benefited the entire community without losing their culture and traditions. Penglipuran Village once received a Kalpataru award from the Indonesian Government for its efforts to protect Bamboo Forest in their local ecosystem.

Location: Jl. Penglipuran, Kubu, Bangli, Bali

4. Bontagula, Bontang

Though as an industrial area, Bontang Regency, East Kalimantan still has interesting natural attractions to visit. Its position flanked by the sea makes Bontang have such a charming beach. Bontagula Village is the name of a village that presents the best maritime beauty. The beauty of the sea and the activities of coastal residents as the main tourist attractions are the points that have earned this village the title of “Best Tourism Village in the Maritime Category”.

Location: Bontang, Kalimantan Timur

5. Wae Rebo, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Wae Rebo is a remote and mysterious traditional village, located at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level. There are 7 main houses or what is known as Mbaru Niang in this village. Though the location is far from the crowd, Wae Rebo Village still attracts the attention of many tourists thanks to the unique architectural designs of those houses. The houses are conical in shape and the roofs are made of palm leaves. The local handicrafts, coffee, vanilla, and cinnamon bark are selling well as souvenirs that tourists take home at affordable prices.

Location: Satar Lenda, Manggarai, Nusa Tenggara Timur

6. Madobak, Mentawai

Apart from marine potential, Mentawai Island is also known for its three traditional villages that still carry out their customs, one of which is Madobak Village. This village, which is located in South Siberut District, Mentawai, West Sumatra, has a tattoo culture that is set to be the oldest tattoo culture in the world. The seriousness of the local government to preserve the uniqueness of the local culture has made this village which is located in the upper reaches of the South Siberut river chosen as the Best Traditional Village.

Location: Siberut Selatan, Mentawai, Sumatera Barat

7. Tamansari, Banyuwangi

Located in the Mount Ijen area in Licin District which is popular for its natural attractions, Taman Sari Village was inaugurated as a tourist village in mid-2016. In addition to the mountain crater in Ijen, the integration of cultural uniqueness in the three villages in Taman Sari, attracts tourists to stop by and see the culture of the Osing people. Osing is an indigenous tribe in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. World-class music performances are also held here, Ijen Summer Festival is one of them.

Location: Licin, Banyuwanyi, Jawa Timur

8. Kete Kesu, Tana Toraja

Kete Kesu is a tourist village in the Tana Toraja area known for the customs and traditional life. In Kete Kesu there are ancient relics in the form of stone graves which are estimated to be more than 500 years old. In the stone tomb that resembles a canoe or boat, there are the remains of human skulls and bones. Almost all stone graves are laid hanging on a cliff or cave. In addition, in several places, there are also magnificent graves of nobles who have died.

Location: Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Selatan