As we face conditions that are full of uncertainties, having better preparation for our plan is a must thing to do. For those of you who love to or regularly travel, business or leisure purpose, travel insurance is something you must have. It is necessary as it can be used for emergency purposes when something unexpected happens to you during your travel.

Travel insurance is divided based on time period, destination, number of individuals covered, and type of trip. Things that are usually covered including:
1. Medical care costs
2. Compensation of delays or cancellations trip
3. Compensation of death
4. Damage to baggage and loss of personal belongings
5. Home protection during your trip
6. Cost of medical evacuation or repatriation of remains
7. Family visit fees (if you’re hospitalized)

There are several best travel insurance companies in Indonesia you may choose based on your interests and needs. Here they are:

1. Chubb

Chubb is an international insurance company that is well known for its extensive service and distribution capabilities. As a trusted insurance company, Chubb provides a comprehensive range of general insurance solutions for large companies, small and medium businesses, as well as individuals with fair service and claims. The various benefits offered by Chubb travel insurance are:
– The availability of domestic and international travel insurance products that can be selected according to your needs.
– 24-hour emergency assistance services for customers.
– The insurance claim process is relatively fast.
– Online registration and claim process.
– Affordable premium prices.

2. AXA

Adding to the complete protection while traveling, AXA Travel Insurance also offers an online claim service to help you anywhere and anytime quickly. The benefits of applying for AXA travel insurance are:
– Travel insurance products with extensive benefits and packages that suit your needs.
– Affordable travel insurance premiums.
– 24-hours customer assistance and call center services.
– The insurance claim process is straightforward and fast.
– Domestic and international travel insurance services.
– Complete premium payment services through credit cards, bank transfers, etc.

3. ACA

Asuransi Central Asia (ACA) is a company engaged in general insurance in Indonesia. As one of the leading travel insurance providers in Indonesia, ACA offers various benefits, such as:
– Travel insurance products with extensive benefits and packages that suit your needs.
– Travel insurance premiums that are affordable and can be tailored to the needs of customers.
– Travel insurance packages available for individuals, family groups, and special.
– 24-hours customer assistance and call center services.
– Relatively fast insurance claim process.
– Domestic and international travel insurance services.

4. Zurich

Zurich Insurance Group is a leading insurance service company in the world that has been serving its customers in various markets both locally and globally. Travel insurance from Zurich has a variety of benefits, such as:
Diverse travel insurance products.
Affordable travel insurance premiums.
The insurance claim process is relatively fast and easy.
Submitting an insurance policy can be done online.
24-hour customer assistance services through 24-Hour Zurich Worldwide Travel HelpPoint.
Domestic and international insurance services.

5. Travellin Adira

Travellin is a travel insurance product from Adira Insurance that is designed to reduce losses that can occur while you are traveling internationally or domestically. Travellin products provide a variety of benefits to suit your needs while traveling. One of them is the “Cashless” feature for the International package, which is a feature that allows you to get cashless medical services. This feature was made possible by Adira Insurance’s collaboration with the AA INTERNATIONAL network. Travellin also has Travellin Syariah products that provide protection during the Hajj or Umrah trip. Other benefits offered by Travellin Adira are:
– Very affordable insurance premiums.
– The process of travel insurance claims is relatively fast.
– 24-hour customer service and claims.
– An extensive network of local and international hospital partners.
– Valid and can be submitted in the Schengen countries.

6. AIG

AIG is one of the leading insurance companies with more than 90 million customers worldwide. With an operating network of 65,000 in more than 100 countries and jurisdictions in the world, guarantees that AIG always provides quality insurance products for all its customers. AIG travel insurance itself offers various benefits, including:
– Coverage of travel insurance products with affordable premiums and complete benefits.
– 24-hours customer assistance services for domestic and international travel.
– Reimbursement or cashless claim system.
– The insurance claim process is relatively quick and straightforward.
– The insurance registration process can be done online.
– Domestic and international insurance claim services.


MSIG Indonesia Insurance is part of the MS&AD Insurance Group. This company is one of the largest joint venture general insurance companies in Indonesia, which has been operating for approximately 40 years. MSIG travel insurance provides various benefits such as:
– Various insurance products for domestic and international.
– Affordable insurance premiums.
– Fast claim process.
– Filing a policy can be online.
– Integrated customer assistance services.

8. Simas Insurtech

Simas Insurtech is a subsidiary of PT Asuransi Sinar Mas with 99% and 1% ownership by PT Sinar Mas Multi Artha. It provides a variety of insurance products, such as vehicle insurance, personal accident insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance. These products are marketed online through business partners and direct sales distribution channels. With a complete line of insurance products to meet the various needs of customers, Simas Insurtech is ready to compete in the territory of Indonesia and ASEAN as one of the best insurance companies. As a form of maximum service commitment, Simas Insurtech also provides easy access for customers and business partners through websites, 24-hour customer care, call-center support, and more. In addition, apart from product innovation and information technology services, Simas Insurtech is also supported by national and international reinsurance companies.


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