Popular for its array of delectable street foods, here are the best places in Bandung where you can enjoy the city’s most favorite street foods.

1. Cuanki Serayu

Photo by Wartakota Tribunnews

Unlike the usual cuanki meatballs, the Serayu cuanki meatball has a distinctive sauce flavor. The broth is not made from beef broth but from fish bones. For a bowl of cuanki here, you will also get boiled dumplings, fried dumplings, meatballs, and with no noodles.

– Jl. Serayu No.2 , Cihapit, Bandung
– Jl. Mangga No.20 – 22, Cihapit, Bandung
P: +62812-2163-6600

2. Seblak Jebred

Photo by Pergikuliner

Seblak Jebred serves seblak with a variety of accompaniments, ranging from udon, mushrooms, meatballs, aci meatballs (made of tapioca flour), sausages, etc. The spicy and savory sauce with the aroma and taste of aromatic ginger is what makes people tend to come back to Seblak Jebred.

Jl. Buah Batu Nomor 163, Turangga, Bandung

3. Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng

Photo by Magazine Job-like

Here comes one of the most legendary mie kocok or shaken noodles in Bandung. Established in 1958, Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng maintains its distinctive taste, using several spices for its secret recipe. This shaken noodle consists of bean sprouts, green onions, beef gravel, fried onions, noodles, served in a rich beef broth.

Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan No.67, Turangga, Bandung

4. Baso Aci Ambu

Photo by Curhat Si Ambu

Baso Aci Ambu is one of the most popular street food spots among Bandung residents. Here, you can choose a variety of packages, including Wareg, Komplet, Tetelan, Sangu, and Snack. For toppings, you can choose between cilok, beef meatballs, peas crackers, and others. In addition, the baso aci in this place comes with a variety of broth, such as Thai, spice, and cikur both.

Jl. H. Kurdi Nomor 56, Karasak, Bandung

5. Cireng Cipaganti

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Cireng Cipaganti is known for its various cireng‘s fillings, including peanut sauce, cheese, shredded beef, corned beef, and more. Cireng Cipaganti comes with cooked and frozen ones.

Jl. Cipaganti No.143, Sukajadi, Bandung

6. Lotek Macan Bandung

Photo by Ayobandung

This food that resembles a typical Jakarta gado-gado has a difference in the peanut sauce mixed with aromatic ginger. Lotek also consists of various kinds of vegetables such as cabbage, bean sprouts, mustard greens, kale, and long beans. Lotek Macan itself is famous for its distinctive and delicious peanut sauce.

Jl. Macan No.1, Burangrang, Lengkong, Bandung

7. Batagor Riri

Photo by Pergikuliner

Of all the places that sell batagor in Bandung, Batagor Riri is a famous one among tourists. The batagor here comes in two variants, dry and with broth, made from fish, chicken, flour, then mixed with other spices. The crunchiness of batagor with its savory taste is the reason Batagor Riri is liked by many people

Jl. Burangrang No.41, Malabar, Bandung

8. Soto Bandung Pak Simon

Photo by Pergikuliner

Soto Bandung Pak Simon is a must-visit when you’re traveling to Bandung. A serving of clear soto here consists of chunks of beef, tripe, radishes, soybeans, and refreshing lime juice. Apart from its delightful taste, Soto Bandung Pak Simon is also served in an abundant portion.

Jl. Cibadak, Jamika, Bandung

9. Sate Anggrek

Photo by dgspeak

The long roasting tool used in Sate Anggrek is indeed the first thing that attracts people. However, the satay itself is proven to be very delicious, as it always sells out quickly every day. Sate Anggrek comes in several choices, such as chicken satay, goat satay, beef satay, and egg satay. While enjoying the satay, you can order Soto Ayam Sulung which is also a favorite menu in this place.

Jl. Anggrek No.35, Cihapit, Bandung

10. Seafood Kiloan Bang Bopak

Photo by Halobdg

A perfect place for seafood lovers. In Seafood Kiloan Bang Bopak, you can enjoy a wide variety of seafood selection, served in an abundant portion and delectable flavor.

Jl. Pahlawan No.78, Neglasari, Bandung

11. Perkedel Bondon

Photo by Phinemo

Perkedel Bondon, which was established in 1982, is one of the legendary favorite dining places of Bandung residents. The most interesting thing about this place is its signature potato cakes cooked over coals and brings smoky and distinctive flavor.

Jl. Stasiun Timur No.14, Kb. Jeruk, Bandung

12. Bebek Ali Borme

Photo by Travelingyuk

Bebek Ali Borme is a homey neighborhood kitchen offering a cash-only menu of classic Indonesian fare, such as spicy duck.

Blok 60, Jl. Teuku Umar No.6, Lebak Gede, Bandung