With the increasing number of people with COVID-19 worldwide, including in Indonesia, WHO recommends using masks when outside or in the public areas, even though we are not sick. This is to avoid coronavirus transmission from asymptomatic carriers. Even so, WHO also recommends using cloth masks or non-medical masks so that the medical masks remain a priority for health workers. The non-medical mask is actually what we can make by ourselves at home using unused clothing materials in our house. But, we can also buy high-quality or premium cloth mask from trusted clothing online shops. Here is our list of recommended shops to buy them.

Please note that the mask should be washed with soap in hot water before use.

1. Sejauh Mata Memandang

To support the fight of COVID-19 and still maintain sustainability, Sejauh Mata Memandang created out recycled cloth masks. It is made of the brand’s excess fabric to minimize waste.

Instagram: sejauh_mata_memandang

2. Imaji Studio

Imaji Studio works alongside local Indonesian artisans who incorporate both traditional and natural elements to create their beautiful products. Imaji Studio offers casual clothes and fashion accessories for both men and women made from sustainable materials including natural dyes and hand-woven fabrics from plants native to Indonesia. The label also has a special project called Zero Waste to make accessories from leftover fabrics. To fight COVID-19, Imaji Studio is currently producing washable cloth masks with two layers and you can also put extra filters inside. This shop will also donate 50% of all proceeds to help local communities and medics to get access to proper protective suits, disinfectants, face shields, and fabric masks. To paint a bigger picture: with every purchase of its cloth mask, you are sending one protective suit or 30 fabric mask to those who need them the most.

Instagram: imaji.studio

3. Cinta Bumi Artisans

Cinta Bumi is a brand based in Bali that produces a variety of ethical handmade goods such as bags, homewares, bath and beauty products, as well as craft supplies and toys. A lot of the brand’s products are made of barkcloth, a material created from paper mulberry and ficus tree barks from Central Sulawesi. Cinta Bumi, which means ‘love earth’, employs local artisans who carefully assemble their materials, using efficient cutting techniques and patterns to avoid excessive waste. In collaboration with The Bali Curator, Cinta Bumi Artisans is currently producing the washable cloth masks. The masks are made of 100% organic cotton, cotton, or Tencel with three layers and naturally dyed. Cinta Bumi Artisans will also donate the proceeds to struggling families affected by the pandemic.

IG: cintabumiartisans

4. Snappy

Snappy is well-known as a top online digital printing service. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Snapy initiates to produce high-quality cloth masks with three layers and stylish patterns. The masks are surely reusable, washable and you can even choose customized patterns.

Instagram: snapyofficial

5. Lucky Cla

Lucky Cla is known for its eclectic clothing collection. To fight COVID-19 in Indonesia, the shop is now producing cloth masks with its siganture colorful and playful pattern. The masks are made from high-quality cotton fabric, so it’s surely comfortable and breathable. It also has a pocket for you to put filter or tissue.

Instagram: lucky_cla

6. ATS The Label

In light of recent conditions, ATS The Label is committed in supporting the health and safety of our community. You can also join the support by using its reusable, washable, and best of all fashionable face masks. The masks are available for purchase or you can get them free for every purchase of ATS The Label clothing products.

Instagram: atsthelabel

7. Beatrice Clothing

In this unfavorable situation, Beatrice Clothing is committed to continuing making positive contributions. One of them is to produce its own cloth masks made of linen with two layers. This mask also has a pocket for inserting tissue or filters. With high-quality fabric, the Beatrice Clothing production mask is very breathable and washable.

Instagram: beatriceclothing

8. By Arra

By Arra clothing line offers its first-ever cloth mask to contribute to the fight of COVID-19 in Indonesia. The masks are made from soft cotton that can be washed and reused. You can also add initial embroidery on the mask.

Instagram: byarra.official

9. Alangka

Known for its charming handmade goodies and other handcrafted products, Alangka is also joining a meaningful contribution to fight COVID-19. The shop is now actively producing cloth masks made of high-quality recycling fabric. All of the masks are made from unused fabrics, but all of them have already washed beforehand. The masks are two layers and reversible, as well as washable.

Instagram: alangka.id

10. Hello Batik

Hello Batik is one of the biggest online suppliers for Batik products in Indonesia. Shipping worldwide, this shop is trustable in selling premium quality of Batik. To support the fight of COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, Hello Batik is producing comfortable batik cloth masks with three layers and using high-quality fabric. The masks are reusable and washable, also available in many stylish batik patterns.

Instagram: hello.batik


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