Wear your loosest pants, uninstall your calorie-counter app, and prepare your tummy for a big blow out. We have rounded up some of the biggest meal portions in town that will redefine the meaning of food comma. Are you up for the jumbo eating challenge?

1. Godzilla Crab at Cut The Crab

Seafood lovers behold the king of crustaceans known as Godzilla Crab! Weighing above 1kg per piece, significantly above the usual live crabs served in Jakarta, the Godzilla Crab is cooked in a sauce of your choice and is served on a large paper mat to be devoured with your hands. And if that’s not enough, inquire for the “catch of the day” to catch the opportunity to gobble a juicy Indonesian Mud Crab, which could weigh up to 2.6kg or more! Be sure to call in advance to check on the availability of the crabs.

Address 1: Jl Batu Ceper Raya No. 49A, Gajah Mada, Jakarta Pusat
Telephone: (+6221) 350 1969

Address 2: Jl Cikajang 32, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Telephone: (+6221) 720 6810

Address 3: Rukan Garden House Block B Nomer 1B, Jakarta Utara

Telephone: (+6221) 290 33519

Address 4: Jl Boulevard Barat Raya Block LC-6 No.7, Jakarta Utara
Telephone: (+6221) 2452 0305

2. Godzilla Burger at Cutt & Grill

Photo: IG @keluarmakan

Known as one of the best grill houses in Jakarta, Cutt & Grill always offers a thoughtful menu selection, designed to satisfy a meat-lover. The restaurant comes with a Godzilla Burger menu, big enough to feed 2 people, or yourself if you dare. This burger is also special, using 12-hours slow-cooked cola braised USDA beef back ribs with big fluffy buns and abundant fillings.

Jl. Suryo No.34, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
P: (+6221) 27085555
IG: cuttandgrill

3. Bakso Setan Jelambar

Bakso Setan Jelambar rules over all the other traditional meatball soups in town. Unlike the usual golf-sized meatballs, this dish consists of one enormous beef ball that is larger than your fist and takes up the space of an entire bowl. Aside from an incredible broth, this dish is best had with the all too popular sambal bakso.

Address: Jl Jelambar Selatan II No.6G, Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta Barat
Telephone: (+62851) 613 9122

4. T-Rex Burger at Dino Burger & Rice Steak

Roaring its way to break the city’s record for the most massive burger is the ultimate T-Rex Burger from Dino Burger & Rice Steak. This burger has a diameter of 25cm and consists of a 2.75kg beef patty! This juicy goodness also comes with three different flavors to choose from: balado, cheese and original.

Address 1: Jl Gelong Baru Utara II, Tomang, Jakarta Barat

Telephone: (+6221) 2256 5490

Address 2: Jl Margonda Raya No. 438, Beji, Depok

Telephone: (+6221) 2271 2514

5. Henk’s Pizza

Here comes the biggest pizza in the nation – yup, the biggest one yet in Indonesia! Unlike the ordinary round-shaped pizzas, Henk’s Pizza offers rectangle-shaped ones, which comes in four different sizes with the smallest one being 20 inches, consisting of 16 slices, while the largest one takes on the shape and size of a 42-inch flat-screen TV, consisting of 100 slices! We highly recommend you to call for back up!

Address 1: Jl Benda No.20E, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan

Telephone: (+62 812) 8650 6051

Address 2: Jl Kebon Kacang 11 No.14

Telephone: (+62 812) 8650 6050

Address 3: Ruko Crystal 1 Blok A No.29, Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Telephone: (+6221) 546 8690

6. Crepe Signature

Crepe Signature is famous for its jumbo crepes, which is wide enough to cover your entire face. You can order either a sweet, salty or fruity crepe with about 35 sweet and savory toppings to choose from including ice cream, banana, peanuts, chicken sausage and many more!

Address 1: Mall of Indonesia, Floor 2, Food Park, Jakarta Utara

Address 2: Artha Gading Mall, Floor 2 Food Court, Jakarta Utara

Address 3: AEON Mall, Floor 2, Jl BSD Raya Utama, Serpong

Address 4: Living World, Floor 1, Jl Alam Sutera Boulevard, Serpong 

7. Roti Bakar at Kedai Abnormal

Indulge in one of Indonesia’s most popular street desserts called roti bakar literally quintuple times larger than the usual. This roti bakar consists of five layers of bread and comes with a wide range of flavors and toppings to choose from including marshmallows, ovomaltine, red velvet, tiramisu, Nutella and good ol’ cheese. Ironically, this abnormally sized dessert can be found in a humble street eatery called Kedai Abnormal, which translates to an abnormal shop.

Address: Jl Boulevard Raya Blok RA 11 No. 22, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara