Enjoy the city’s fresh air and while having a casual picnic is one of the best things to do in Bandung. There are several spots here where you can have a comfortable picnic with your partner or family.

Alun-Alun Bandung

After the revitalization, Alun-Alun Bandung becomes the hottest spot for people to hang out or picnic. Covered by synthetic grass, picnic in Alun-Alun Bandung is fun and exciting as you can see the city view and beautiful mosque with fresh and breezy air.

Address: Jl. Asia Afrika, Balonggede, Bandung

Taman Hutan Raya Juanda

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda (lt. Grand Forest Park of (engineer) H. Juanda) is a conservation area and botanical garden in Bandung. It covers 590 hectares, stretching from Dago Pakar to Maribaya. Its fertile soil sustains about 2500 types of plants, consisting of 40 familia and 112 species. It is currently managed by the Forestry Service of West Java Provincial Government (previously under the auspices of Perum Perhutani). There are several spots where you can have a picnic after wandering around the area while overlooking beautiful scenery.

Address: Kompleks Tahura, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.99, Ciburial, Cimenyan, Bandung

Taman Lansia Bandung

Taman Lansia Bandung is a serene, landscaped park with picnic areas, jogging paths, food vendors & a large dinosaur sculpture. Since the beginning of the revitalization program, the park is projected to build seven artificial lakes that function as flood control in the Cileuncang area. Of the seven lakes, in this park, there are two small lakes that can reduce flooding by 15%. The first lake has an area of 1,397 m2 and a depth of 4.5 m and a water volume reaching 1,806 cubics, while the second lake has an area of 689 m2 with a depth of 3.8 m and a water volume of 753 cubics. In the middle of the lake, there is a bridge that connects the two lakes. On the edge of the lake is provided a ladder so that people can read books, play, or just to relax.

Address: Cisangkuy St., Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung

Taman Cibeunying

Although named a park, its function is not really a park, but the urban forest as part of the green line that extends from the Cilakike Park to Bengawan Park. Cibeunying Park was turned into an ornamental plant stock around the 1980s. Lush trees change into plant stalls that offer plants in a variety of types and colors. Cibeunying Park is also often used as a gathering place for several communities. There is also a Bike Shelter where we can rent bicycles to get around the park. A fairly large gazebo is located in the middle of the park and there are also several places to sit and picnic around the park.

Address: Jl. Tm. Cibeunying Sel., Cihapit, Bandung Wetan, Bandung

Puncak Bintang

The area that was once a tapped pine forest area, has now become a tourist destination that is exotic and romantic at the same time. Lines of towering pines indeed offer extraordinary charm and beauty. You can picnic here while enjoying the sunset, the natural panorama of the hills, and of course the landscape Bandung from an altitude of 1442 meters above sea level.

Address: Cimenyan, Bandung

Situ Patenggang

Situ Patenggang is a lake located in South Bandung with beautiful scenery and cool air. Located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, this lake surely has a very exotic landscape. The lake is spread over an area of about 45,000 hectares and the surrounding nature reserve has an area of about 123,077.15 hectares. Besides enjoying the beauty of the lake, there are many other activities that you can do here. You can walk around the lake on foot while looking for the best photo spots to be used as a memento. Or you can also rent a mat and picnic on the edge of the tourist Situ Patenggang Ciwidey. There are also several rented gazeboes with affordable rates.

Address: Ciwidey Village, Ciwidey, Bandung